Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Think I'll remember?

I'm to get a perm today. Think I'll remember to go! It was schedualed for last week and I forgot. Do ya suppose that is age doing that to me?

Have a western shirt to make for a lady. She is in a competation and the cloths have to fit just so.

The weather is suppose to be really hot for the next few days. My AC will really get a workout. It won't be funny when I have to pay the bill.

My foot seems to be some better. It still hurts, sometimes really bad. But overall, I think its better.

I need to get to work.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Start-up .. Catch-up

I think blogs are neat. I check Carmen and Caleb's regularly and it is a neat way for me to keep up with them. They live so far away that visiting with them more than once a year, is impossible. I have a chance to watch Cole grow. Annie has one also. I think all family members should do this because the communication between some is basically non-existent.
I graduated 50 years ago from High School. My class reunion is the last weekend in August and it is going to be a two day affair. On Saturday evening we will eat at The Sportsman Inn in Monticello. Afterwards we will walk across the road and board the Madam Carroll for a cruise on Lake Freeman. The next day we are attending a mass at St. Elizabeth's chapel at 9 a.m. In the afternoon there is a party at my house with some of the girls that went to Jeff after two years at St. Francis. There will be others also.
I am trying to get my "stuff" in some semblance of order. Haven't been able to do that since the beginning of time. This is very exciting for me and I'm grateful I can now do that. Now, maybe, I'll be able to find all of my stuff. I did find a photo album that had been missing for about 12 years. It was the one I made of Uncle Ray's first couple of visits to Lafayette. I was so happy to find it, I cried. I will work on this organizing as I have time. There just might come a time when I will be completely organized. Ha! Ha! Ha!
I would encourage anyone and everyone to start one of these. They are free and it is an excellent way for all of us to keep in touch. If I can do this, anyone else can. I'm not computer literate, but this is easy.....and it's FREE.
Until I have something else to write about.