Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ain't nothin' about nothin'!!

Okay, okay, I guess I'll blog. A couple people have asked me why I haven't blogged lately.

Hi, Roseanna!!

Hi, Annie!!

The summer has been kinda dull. There's been things to do, and I've done some of them, just not all. So, naturally, there's still stuff I need to get done. The Hickory nuts haven't been too bad this year. Last year they were terrable. Since the temp hasn't been too bad, Snookums and I have been getting our walks in. Now it's early morning or not at all, since the temp has gone buzzurk. It is still one of the nicest summers I can remember.

I need to take a trip somewhere!!!!!!

My neighbor man sharpened my mower blad a couple weeks ago. Nice of him. It really needed it, too. I bought the mower three years ago and it's never been sharpened. It was about time I sharpened it.

I need a nap. Nite, Nite!!