Monday, July 27, 2009

I Like Facebook!!

Joined Facebook about a month ago. It's fun. So, read me there. (There's really not much to read.)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cole improves - some

Cole continues to improve. It will probably take a lot of time. He has an appointment with his pediatrician today. Cole likes Dr. McFee (I'm assuming this is the spelling. My apologizes if it isn't.) Next week he has an appointment with the doctor at the hospital where he was a patient.

He is staying relatively quiet on his own. He hurts if he gets too active. He is still swollen where he hit the bar. I'm wondering if this will correct itself, either soon or as he grows.

If anyone would like to read Carmen's account of this accident, she has put it on facebook.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cole went home

Cole was dismissed yesterday. I haven't heard any of the special instructions they were given, but I'm sure there are some.

Thanks for all your prayers.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cole improves!

I talked to Lu Ann this evening. Cole improved greatly today. He isn't vomiting anymore. So, they feel he'll get to go home tomorrow. He does pretty good until it's about time for an ibuprofen.

Thanks for all the prayers.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A prayer for Cole is my request today.

On Sunday, while playing on playground equipment at a church picnic, Cole fell fell off of whatever he was playing on. He fell about three feet, hitting the back of his head on something ( they believe it was a bar). He was rushed to an emergency room, and later transferred to a children's hospital in Norfolk. They are keeping him for three days, as 72 hours is the most critical for the brain to begin to bleed. He has a 2 cm indentation in the back of his head.

He is a little cranky because of the pain, but otherwise is alert and talking. Carmen and Caleb have been with him most of the time. When the hospital changes shifts, they can't be in the room with him. So, today when the shift was changing, Carmen's best friend, who is watching Gioia, brought Gioia to the hospital so Carmen and Caleb could be with her for awhile and, at that time, they also got something to eat.

Their church family is helping them. Most of the church members were there to see this, and they all seemed to have offered to help. The remark I heard was that they have more help than they need. But, that isn't all bad.

They are asking for prayers for Caleb, Carmen, Cole and the doctors.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What a nice compliment!

Every now and then, someone does something nice. Today at the funeral home, I saw Joe Bonner. He made it a point to tell me what a nice young man my son Doug is. That he was at the visitation last evening, he called Brett after Jan passed to express sympathies. I was really nice of Joe to tell me, and even nicer that Doug is who he is.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a day!!

It's nice to have family home. Last Wednesday Dan and Lu Ann came to Lafayette. Before they came here they went to Indianapolis to pick up Carmen and the kids. Dan has a niece getting married today and Carmen is in the wedding. Also, her dress needed altering. The skirt has three layers and that outside layer is lovely, but the fabric walks when one is working with it. I measured it on her and marked it. Then I cut it and started sewing. But when I cut that outside layer of fabric, I cut it too short in the back, by about an inch and a half. Wow! Now what?

I worked with it all day yesterday. At some point Lu Ann called to see how the dress was coming. Finally, late in the day, she told Carmen. Carmen suggested she just wear flats instead of heels. GREAT!!! Problem solved. Within about one hour the dress was fixed. By this time my nerves were a mess. Then Carmen came and tried it on and it was perfect even with her heels. Apparently I cut it too long. What a mistake I made. I was thrilled to death. All that worrying for nothing. Yes! Yes! Yes! I still wasn't completely happy with that outer skirt, but that stuff is nasty to work with. She seemed happy with the results. At this point I'm not complaining.

Carmen had made an appointment with a photographer to have our "Four Generations of Women" picture taken. I will try my luck at posting whenever I get my copy. Gioia is just the cutest thing. She has big blue eyes and and the cutest smile and is just gorgeous. I know, I'm G-grandma, but when you see, you will agree she is just plain cute. The photographer was Ed Lausch and he really enjoyed doing this for us. He couldn't get over how well behaved her two children are. Lots of pics were taken. Even some with Dan, Lu Ann and the two kids. Those will be treasured photo's some day. They should be on Lausch's website about Wednesday. The username is Coston, and the password is the date. I'm not too sure how he does that, if there are dashes or just the numbers. I guess we'll find out.

I think Sunday night we are all going bowling. I don't bowl, so I will just visit. Dan and Lu Ann are taking Carmen and kids to the airport on Tuesday and then they will go home from there. A very busy time, but am enjoying it emensely. I always enjoy it when they are here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Company in Town.

Dan and Lu Ann are due in town tomorrow. A niece of Dan's is getting married on Saturday. Carmen is in the wedding and she and the two kids are flying into Indy tomorrow also. Dan and Lu Ann are suppose to get into the area in enough time to pick them up at the airport.

Carmen's dress needs altering. Guess who gets to do that!! She shipped it on Friday and it is to arrive today. Then I will really be busy.

Lu Ann has made an appointment for Thursday with a photographer to have our Four Generations of Women picture taken. I'll have to try to post it when I get my copy. I'm excited about this.

A couple of weeks ago Steve and Kristin and kids were in town and I was able to go eat with them. She brought me the fabric and patterns for the bridesmaids dresses for their wedding. So, that is now looming. Emily's I really can start for at least another month. The maid-of-honor dress I could start on soon. Just need to see how the pattern fits Carrie.

Steve is now an AFLAC agent. He has been trying to get accounts in Lafayette. He said that he would have a better chance of seeing family more often. I'm happy about it. Hope others are also.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Picture or two.

If anyone would like to see a picture of Lyla, go to Annie's blog . Annie has a like to Carmen's blog, click on that. Carmen has a couple of pictures there. Whenever it is I manage to get my computer to work so that I can post pictures, I'll do just that.

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Catch-up Time!

The last few days have been very busy. Last Sunday (the 24th), I drove to Cleveland, GA. Eric and Katy live there. I went to see Lyla Patricia. She looks just like her daddy, red hair and all. They live at a church camp and have an apartment in one of the buildings. Most of the buildings have porches, and the building that houses their apartment, has wrap-around porches and is three stories high. Really neat looking. When you look around you see mountains. The day I left, there was so much fog, it looked like you were walking and driving in the clouds. And damp, it was so wet there, I couldn't get my towel dry in 24 hours. The last time I used it, it was still damp from the day before. YUK!!!

It rained each day I was there. Dought conditions existed before I got there, so these rains were very welcomed. There wasn't a level patch of ground anywhere. The road I took into the town next to the camp was nothing but hairpin turns and very sharp ones at that. Drove right past the place that hosted the 1996 Kayak Olympics. Coming home I took a little longer way out, but much better roads.

On Wednesday, Dan, Lu Ann and I went to do a little sightseeing. Stopped at a potters place. It was an old mill of some sort. Didn't get the history on it. But, just outside on the upper porch one could look down into the water and see Trout swimming around. They had like gum machines that you put your quarter in and got a handful of Trout food. So, those Trout were swaming right below, waiting for the food.

Another town had a Bavarian look. One shop was nothing but clocks. The one I want costs over four hundred dollars--and that was supposedly a sale price. When the button on the side was pushed, the face opened up to reveal other working objects in the back. Really neat stuff.

The trip took right at 11 hours each way. It sure was nice to get back to level ground. Snooks was glad to see me. I've been doing laundry ever since.

On a different subject. Remember the first of April when a man from Quincy, Il called me and said he had fallen and couldn't get up!?? Well, his wife called me the first of last week. After his fall, she had to call the local police to get him up, and an ambulance to take him to the hospital. The poor fellow never got back home. A few days later they found he had cancer everywhere, and he was dead within about 4 weeks. The day she was told he had cancer, she lost her job. WOW!!! Not a good situation.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Presidential Award

As most of you know, I volunteer at the Sheriff's Office. I go for four hours each week. After you volunteer 250 hours, you are eligible for a Presidential Award. By the end of 2007 I had logged that many hours. In 2008 I received a certificate from Sheriff Brown for the 250 hours. Today we were to attend the County Council Meeting because the sheriff had arranged for us to be presented with these Presidential Awards. I think that Dan Grayson has more hours than I do. But, Dan was having some kind of a surgical procedure and couldn't be there. So, that left me being the one in attendance with the most hours. I was presented with a framed certificate, which had a letter signed letter from President Bush, and a silver pin. That means I have at least 499 hours so far. The others received a different colored pin along with the framed certificate and letter from the President.

Is it okay to be proud of yourself??? If it is, than I am. If now, forget you read this.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I had a very nice day today. Went to supper at Olive Garden. When I returned, there was a pot of Petunia's on my front porch. I would like to know who the nice person was that brought them to me so I can apologize for not being here and be able to thank them.


Sunday, April 19, 2009


My cousin Louise called me a week ago. Haven't heard from her in about five years. I have a picture of her dad as a baby. I had wanted to get it to her brother who is still here in town. But a few years back, she brought me copies of a couple pictures that had been left by her mother. I hadn't ever seen these pictures. I really wanted to get the picture of her dad to her instead of her brother.

About a month ago I wrote her to see if she wanted me to send it to her, or if she was going to be in town anytime soon. She called and said to get it to one of Bernie's girls. Can't remember which one. But, on my way to Lu Ann's one of these days, I'll stop in Fort Wayne and take it to him. Louise said she is the one that is interested in the genealogy and old pictures, and the stories to go with them.

We talked for two hours. She is enjoying life in Jacksonville, Fl.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Now it's a Prayer Request.

Remember in my previous post, about the gentleman that had fallen and couldn't get up? Today I received a prayer request for this gentleman. His wife says that she had to take him to the hospital, that he doesn't know where he is, and it was difficult for her to get thru to him.

When I was talking to him on the phone, I asked him his address. His answer was an old address. So, something was wrong then.

Today I have to go to Mooresville. Kristin's grandmother passed away and is being shown late this afternoon and this evening. I need to back for Knit Nite.

Went to Doug Eberle's funeral mass yesterday. About half an hour into the mass, I had to leave. Standing is so difficult for me. And, there wasn't even any more standing room. Fr. Tim gave a really nice sermon.

I saw Katy on Sunday at mass. She is really something else. She said to me that this is just a big bump in the road, and that they would be alright. Wow!! What a lady.

Is this rain ever going to stop?? If it doesn't, the river will be back up. Then I may have to make more curtains. Now, I don't mind making the curtains, in fact, I enjoy it. But those people on the rivers have had enough problems for the next 100 years.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Some day I had!!

Why is it that I'm always doing something, but nothing gets done? Maybe it's because I prefer to knit or crochet, so what I get done doesn't show. Oh, well, I'm retired and I intend to enjoy it.

Finished one afghan, and started on another. This one is just one big granny square. For the sake of surprise, I can't tell you who it is for, or what colors it is. Hopefully I'll remember to tell you after I finish it and give it to the lucky (!!????) recipient.

Yesterday I received a phone call, and it was from a gentleman in Quincy, IL. He had fallen and couldn't get up. When it all was finally unraveled, it was the husband of a lady who had me do some sewing for her. She had moved back to western Illinois, and apparently my phone number was the first in line on their cell phone. (Probably because my name starts with an "A.") Why he didn't call 911 is a mystery to me, and to the Lafayette dispatcher with whom I spoke. In between phone calls with myself and LPD dispatch, the wife came home and the problem was solved. She later called me to thank me. What a day!!!

I'm hoping to hear from Lu Ann soon. Maybe those reading this will remember that Katy (Eric's wife) is due on the 30th. As we all know, she could go anytime. Katy told me it is a girl and they are naming her Kyla Patricia. Now all we need is a birth date.

For those of you who would be interested, Carmen posted yesterday. And there are a couple of cute pictures. Go look!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun, fun, fun!

It's only Wednesday and it's been a busy week already. At 10:30 Sunday night my phone rings and it's Uncle Ray. Aunt Evelyn was in the hospital and he didn't realize how late it was here. But that is okay. Then he called again Monday evening and she was showing some improvement. He didn't call last night, so I assume she is still improving. Well, maybe he called Betty instead. If he did, she'll let me know.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a lady from church. She has a pair of Roman Shades that aren't long enough. She had purchased some matching fabric and would like for me to lengthen them. Have been doing a little sewing. Went to Knit Nite last night.

Last Thursday a friend from Knit Nite (Dinah) and I went to Indy. I wanted to get some thread for my embroidery machine, and she had been saying that she'd go with me sometime. So, we left about 9 a.m. First went to the JoAnn's. This store has a really nice selection of yarn, at least lots of it. We each bought a skein or two here. She has a restaurant she likes in that area, so we ate lunch there. There is also a knit shop close by, and we just had to stop. On our way back North, we went to Westfield to Stitches and Scones. She found something she liked there also.

We got back home about 4 p.m. It was a really nice day, nice trip, and we both really enjoyed ourselves. I'm surprised she didn't kill me before we got home. Now I need to go sew some more. Have about three items I need to finish.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Busy Week

This past week was a busy one. I made three trips to Indy. On Tuesday and Thursday I took my new machine and attended lessons to learn to use this machine. Very beneficial.

Then today, I drove to Avon, and met Kristin and her maid-of-honor Carrie, and we picked out fabric for the wedding dresses. What fun. We ate at the Olive Garden. It was within the same shopping center. Kristin also had samples the colors she will use. That was interesting also. I have an outfit started and I never finished, that I've decided I can wear for this wedding. Am anxious to get to work on these items and this project.

However, I have a few things I need to finish first. Have a bridal gown to shorten, a bridesmaid dress to alter, four blouses to make, a zipper to put in a sweatshirt, a pair of pants to shorten, and a blouse to do a little resewing on, all before I start on this wedding. I need to get moving. Also, have two items that the customers need to pick up.

Then there is the yard work. On Saturday, Levi was over and helped me clean up part of the yard. There is more to do. Last year summer turned to winter overnight, and I didn't get everything cleaned up. The raking really is not good for my back. I'm making him do that. Where they live, they don't rake or pick up, just mow. So, he's learning a lot. He seems anxious to come back. That's nice. I tried to get him to help me last summer, but with his collar bone broken in two places, and the surgery to repair it, he was never well enough to help me.

Then there are these nights when I wake up and can't get back to sleep. Yuk!!! (check the time of this posting) Then I sleep late and, the next day, don't get as much accomplished as I'd hoped. And, life goes on........ They call retirement "The Golden Years." "They" need to find another term for that. Retirement is great, I'm really enjoying it. But, sometimes (when the joints hurt, sleep is illusive and the time flies by so fast, you wonder where it went) that one might wish that it wasn't so "golden." Time to try to get back to sleep.

Friday, March 6, 2009

This 'n That.

What a day yesterday was. Made a trip to Indy for a lesson on my new machine. It was well worth it. Learned a lot.

In the obits today, is the death of my old Home Ec. teacher, Mrs. Foster. She was 99. What a neat lady she was. I can remember her saying to us one day in class, that she didn't like how easy they were making it for everyone to borrow money. A seasoned view. From what I know, she was the last teacher alive that taught at St. Francis. There were a couple of nuns that were very young, and one or both of them could still be alive. Just don't know....haven't kept up with that.

Pray for Aunt Mary, for today is her surgery. Don't know what time. I hope someone lets me know how she does.

I'm having a few people in on Sunday for Keekols (and I can't find the correct spelling for that.). It is the second sunday of Lent. I need to find someone to take Snookums for awhile, and haven't had any luck. I've talked to only one person, and have at least two more to talk to. I need to get in gear, Sunday isn't that far away.

I had a dream last night that George's wife asked me what he was like when I was married to him. Then I woke up. Too bad, I'd loved to have told her. Ha!

It's a beautiful day, and warm. Took Snookums for a walk. Even tho the sun wasn't shining, it was really warm. Nice to be able to get out again.

I think I've finally found out why my middle name is May. Last night I talked to Uncle Ray. In Gene's picture posts on Picasa, he had asked to find out Uncle Ray's grandparents names. I remembered that last night. His grandmother's first name was May. And, apparently mother visited enough that she got to know them, and again, apparently, liked this lady. So, I'm named after one grandmother and one step-great-grandmother. What a find. A few short years before Mother died, I asked her why she gave me this middle name. She said it was because I was born in May. But, she told us she didn't know why she was raised by her dad, and she did know. So, I'm guessing the it's a little bit of both.

Aunt Evelyn doesn't seem to get any better. The doctor adjusts medication and things like that. They had to cauterize her stomach again the first of last week. That has helped. The doctor told Uncle Ray awhile back, that he could remove the part(s) of her stomach that were bleeding, but if he did, it could start somewhere else. So, didn't really want to do that one. Uncle Ray has quite a bit of confidence in this guy because of that. Sure would be nice if they could figure out what is really wrong.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Rocky!!

Just in case Rocky would read this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Today I went to IHOP for lunch. When I first got there, I ran into a lady I use to work with at LVB. Talked to her for a little while. After she left I ordered. Just as my food arrived, another couple eating there got up to leave and it was Jim and Kathy Hatke. They sat down at my table and talked for quite some time. Before they left, Dan Schafer's brother Walter and his wife walked in. A few years ago, I did some sewing for her. So, about the time Jim and Kathy left, I was finished eating, so I went and visited with the Schafers for awhile. I probably spent more than an hour in there. But, enjoyed my day.

Yesterday, Kristin and Carrie (Kristin's Matron-of- honor) came into town to go to David's Bridal and do a little shopping. They asked me to join them. I did. What fun. Some really beautiful gowns. Afterwards we ate at The Hunter's Pub. So, after lunch today, I went to JoAnn's to see what they had. This JoAnn's is not a good store. Too bad that it really is all we have. When we shop for fabric for the attendants dresses, we will go to Indy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Lu Ann!!!

With Valentine's Day and her birthday next to each other, they are making it one. She took the day off work yesterday, and they drove to Columbus. There is something there she wanted to do.

Yes, it was Friday the 13th the day she was born. But it was lucky for me. What a daughter she is. I called her yesterday, and today I received a text message saying, "Happy Valentine's." Would you believe she turned the big 50? I don't remember it like it was yesterday, but it's difficult to believe it's fifty. Time flies when you are having fun.

Hope everyone received a Valentine from their valentine.

I have to buy a new washer. This one doesn't spin out very well anymore. They could replace/repair the bearings, but it's 17 years old.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Westfield, IN

As most of you know, I usually go to "Knit Nite" at Barns & Noble on Tuesday evening. One of the ladies was telling about this neat yarn shop in Westfield. (Well, first of all she said Crawfordsville. She couldn't seem to remember where she had been.) So, yesterday I took an old classmate and we went to Westfield. Another old classmate (now I'm not saying old as in age, but old as in the past) lives in Westfield. So I took Mary Lu with me and went to Joan's house first. And while I shopped Mary Lu visited with Joan cause neither had any interest in yarn. After I finished my shopping, we went to lunch at a very nice place close to Joan's house. We had a good time and, yes, I bought me some yarn. More than I need, but it was fun just the same. For some reason I feel I'm a yarnaholic. I bet none of you would guess that. I got home in time for Karli to come here. She is going to a dance the end of the month, and the dress she is wearing needs adjusting. She is such a cutie.

Like an idiot, I didn't take a map with me and almost got lost. I usually go 52 to 47. East on 47 to 421 to 32, and E on 32 to Joan's house. But I tried a different way, and it didn't work. And, without the map, I had to call Joan to correct my error. But we were close enough to Joan's house that she was able to tell us how to get there. You'd think I'd know better than to go on the road without a map. (sigh!!) After I got home I got out a map to find out where I went wrong.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Warm weather, where art thou?

It sure has been cold. I was sick for about a week. My throat was sore, my head plugged up, and I sucked on cough drops for about 6 days.

At the beginning of this winter, I bought me a snow blower. It sure came in handy on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. While I was blowing the snow off the drive, a city snow plow came by. As I was blowing the snow at the end of the driveway, I tried to keep from blowing it back into the street. I see so many people just blow it back into the street. Now, my taxes help pay these people to do their job. Why would anyone want to just throw it back out there. I've always thought that was the most stupid thing anyone could do. Oh, well, just my opinion.

But, I managed to keep it out of the street. Altho, I cleaned off only half the driveway apron. Just enough for me to get in and out. The other half has almost 2 feet of snow. When is it going to warm up?

Now, another comment about that picture I've been trying to get names for. I visited Aunt Mary. She couldn't help much, but did have the first name of Slim Metzinger. Then she suggested I go see Mrs Alvin Buck. She gave me the name of one more man. She also told me that Mrs. Chatham is still alive, and that she is in (she thought) University place. That is something I'm going to do, but not for a week or two. This is getting more interesting by the day.

Snookums likes to romp in the snow, but not for long. Within about 5 minutes, she's heading for the house. She is so graceful when she leaps. It's so pretty. I love to watch her.

For those who don't know, Steve and Kristin are getting married October 10th in Greenwood. She has her dress and we are working on getting the dress for her Maid of Honor, and for Emily. She is going to have Emily and Jacob give her away. Now I have to get ready to put on a rehearsal dinner. When the weather gets warmer, I'm going to go down there and check out the restaruant they suggested, and see what kind of plans I can make.

I didn't do any sewing this month. It was too cold, and that room doesn't heat very well. Also I had classes in Indy for my new machine. There were to be 4 classes, but because of the weather, I missed one. Plan to make that up in March. Now it's time for me to get to work and get the jobs finished that some people are wanting me to do. Had another call this afternoon. It was from a policeman in Thorntown. Wow!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a Day!

Remember the picture I talked about yesterday? Well, there was a young boy in it that I thought looked a lot like Roy Hatke. I called Roy. He had remember being with his dad one day, going home and going past this field where there were a lot of tractors plowing. Daddy was one of the men and Uncle Art stopped to talk to dad. Roy said to call Jim Murtaugh. That Jim pretty much knew a lot of what went on. So, since I was going to go to mass at 4:30, I called and arranged to be at their house at 2;30.

Jim was in the picture. He knew several of the men and even why they were there. Jack Chatum (I'm not sure of the spelling) had three little girls. Two of them got polio. Jim also thought that they later died. So, the neighbors were helping him with his farming.

The big problem I have is that, if Roy was with his dad, this took place in about 1948. But, Henry Krick is in the picture, and he didn't move into the neighborhood until about 1954. So, I still have that mystry to solve.

Jim didn't know all the people. He thought some of the men were from the Buck Creek area. So, I still need to find someone who might know some of those men.

But I feel good about all the info I was able to get.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just Rambling

It's really slick this morning. Just a sheet of ice, everywhere but the grass. I tried to take Snookums for a walk. We walked, but not on the sidewalks or the street. She was falling on the ice. I stayed in the grass as much as possible. After we got up to the school, I let out the leash all 50 feet of it and let her run. Then we headed back home.

It's been a lazy week. Haven't done much. Have been having trouble with my sciatica. Have been to the chiropractor twice this week. Neither walking or sitting were doing it any good. It is much better today.

Chico was here for a few minutes this morning. He brought me a picture that I was hoping I could get a copy of. It was taken sometime about 1954/55 in a cornfield somewhere. Daddy was in it, along with Henry Krick, Marvin Yoder, Gene Moore, Tony Hatke, Everett Berninger, Norb Korty, and Sheldon Pershing. Don't know any of the others, but would love to find out. Tony is the only one that we know that is still alive. The one really young guy looks a lot like Roy Hatke. I need to call him and see. What a neat picture. I'm so happy to get it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two days in a row!

Surprise, surprise, I'm blogging two days in a row.

I had brunch in Mooresville at Zydecos. Steve and Kristin had given me a gift certificate from there for Christmas and I decided to go down today and eat. Kristin joined me and I am stuffed. I had frog legs for an appetizer, stake and fries for my Entree, and banana bread pudding for desert. See why I'm stuffed!!?!!

Steve and Kristin are getting married October 10th, and she wanted names and addresses. I had them ready and forgot to take them. Now I have to email them. It was nice to just be able to sit down and talk to her about whatever.....also the wedding and other stuff.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Even tho it's late, I hope everyone is having a very Happy New Year! I'm hopeful for a good year. One never really knows.

Today is Karli's birthday. She is now 16. Wow!!!!

Usually just before Christmas each year, sometimes just after New Year, I go to a card store and buy cards for the year. The challenge there is remembering who I bought which card for. Most of the time I do well, but there is always a stray or two that I goof on. I buy at least 30 cards. It usually comes to sixty or eighty dollars. This year I went to the Hallmark store and it was something more than that. And then there are some that require a gift besides. Oh, well, it's just money, and I can't take it with me.

I didn't do any sewing this last week. It was nice to have a break. Now it's time to return to the grind. I could get a couple bridesmaids dresses to make. But, still have enough to keep me busy, at least as busy as I want to be. I have two afghans going, a pair of leg warmers in the making, a coat for Snookums, all besides the sewing. But, I do the knitting or crocheting when I sit to watch TV. Eventually I get them all finished. Eric and Katy are expecting, I think in April. I've made a blanket for them and hope to get to go see them sometime. Haven't decided just when. I may wait till after the baby arrives. There are a couple other places I'd like to go see this summer. I'm trying to figure out when I can go.

Was able to walk Snookums this a.m. Some days we don't get to walk, when it's either too cold, or it is raining, and once in awhile, when the wind is blowing really hard. When I get her coat finished, we'll get to walk in colder weather. But rain, probably not. I refuse to make a raincoat for her.

Church is at 4:30 tonight. Then I have someplace to go. Can't tell you where, because it's a surprise.