Thursday, September 27, 2007

A visit with Mrs. Foster

When I visited with Mrs Foster (my high school Home Ec. teacher) last April, I told her I'd come back and get her and bring her to my house to show her the flowers I make out of ribbon. On Labor Day I called her number and got on answer. That concerned me. Last week called her again....this time she answered. She is now living in the Assisted Living part of Westminster Village. She has given up her "cottage" and feels it was the right thing to do. She was probably moving when I called on Labor Day. Now 97, she has to use a walker.

When I first called her a week ago, she was willing to come here. But, when I called her to tell her I could do it on Thursday, she decided it wasn't the thing to do to come here. That it would be too much for me to help her get around. So, I packed up some of my things and went to see her. She had to hear about our reunion this year. And, a lot of the girls she remembered. She is fraile, slow to get around and said she's about to call it quits.

As I was leaving her today she asked me not to be sad when she goes, but be happy that she had a good life. And she hopes that some night she goes to bed and doesn't wake up. She thanked me again for coming over. I enjoyed the visit very much. She is always very gracious.

Just found out that another of my ex-classmates has died. Cancer was the cause. That makes 7 out of my class that are gone.

I'm replanting some flowers in my yard. Tom is going to take me to get trellis' today. Need something for my Clematis to grow up on. I also have a Wisteria that needs something for it to vine out on. Hope I find something that will work. Haven't done any sewing for a few days. Need to get to that too. Such is life.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not much of an update!

Still not much going on......just the same old thing. However, my plantar Fasciitis is slo-o-w-l-ly getting better. My chiorpractor seems to be doing me the most good.

Went to the Apple/Popcorn Festival yesterday. Nice day, nice walk and bought me a couple of things. One booth was roses made of wood shavings. I got me a bouquet for $8.50. And it won't die, I don't have to water it, and it will last forever. All I have to do is dust it. Oh, my favorite thing to do!!! I was really looking for an older fellow that I bought an item from last year. It was a round platform, made of wood, with casters. They are made to put potted plants on. They are really nice. But, I couldn't find him. I need to see if I still have his buisness card. Had a polish sausage for lunch and then came home.

Snookums wants to go for a walk. She needs that. Didn't get her out yesterday.

I also need to get to my bushes and yard. It's really too late to trim the bushes. Have some flowers I want to move around. This is the time of the year to do that. Also want to go to Chico's. He has a white Lilac bush that came from the farm. He said I could have a start. And now is the time to do that. Never finished weeding my one flower bed. Boy, is it a mess. Will let the frost do it now. Hope I have more time for that next year.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Levi and Karli's soccer schedule

Well, I finally got the time of three soccer games. I had to ask for it. Doug just doesn't get the schedules to me. Karmine says she reminds him. He's just like his dad....if you don't do it for him, it doesn't get done.

Another person I talked to today said they heard Karli sing the National Anthem last week. He was impressed. The girl is good!!!

I also found out that Jacob is coaching CC's soccer team. Got a hair cut today. Karmine knows more news.

Anyone want any Hickory Nuts?? They are falling fast. You can have them for just picking them up. When I pick them up, I pitch them. I was just out picking them up. Was out there for half an hour and am tired. Will have to pick up more tomorrow. Yuck!!

Mike Lockard came by today. He was missing about 5 or 6 names on our 8th grade graduating picture. He knew I'd know them. He also had an article that appeared in the J&C in the fall of 1957. Alida Seimers and another gal went to Holland for a visit. We scaned it and sent it to Alida.

In my decluttering, I found an article about Civil Defense that appeared in the paper in 1978. Sam Hughes was in it. A Ted Bumbleburg was also in it. Have been finding some real gems as I sift thru things. I keep asking myself why I kept all this stuff. But at the same time, it's fun going thru it. Lots of memories. I guess that's what we "old" people live for???

Saturday, September 8, 2007

It's raining.....again. Yeah!!!

The rain is wonderful. It is coming down lightly. That gives it time to soak in. How nice.

I will go to church this evening. Have to leave early, neet to go to JoAnn's before church. Three days ago the wind started blowing and I didn't get my potted plant off the stand in time and it blew over and broke the pot. Need to get another. Shame on me.

Next Saturday is the Apple/Popcorn Festival in Brookston. Want to go to that. Hope it doesn't rain.

Have several sewing jobs. Need to get to those. Also need to get back to my decluttering project. It's tough to get back to it. I really don't like to do it. Oh, well!!

My car didn't leave the driveway for two days. I told you I lead an exciting life. Do you believe me now?

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Not much happening

This day wasn't very exciting, even for me.
Did a little sewing and watched a movie.
My grill has sprung a leak. Need to have it fixed before I can use it again.
Made a pot of soup. Have forzen most of it. It will come in handy when the weather gets cooler.
I need gas in my car and it went up fifteen cents today. Boo!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I hope I've spelled it correctly. But is has taken me most of the week to get my energy back. Have had some headaches also. Hope it's only the pollen. Time will tell.

Have been taking it easy this week. Have done a little sewing. Need to get to my flower beds. They are a mess. But the Hickory Nuts are falling and now it takes me twice as long to mow the grass as it did in the spring.

Snookums keeps pestering me. She wants to go for a walk. Poor thing, she is so mistreated. The lady that I got her from was here the other day. She had some sewing for me to do. She was quite impressed with the changes in Snookums. She is pleased that she got a good home.

Have been reading other peoples blogs. Anna's is always very interesting. She even posts pictures. I need to learn to do that. Then I can post pictures of all my old lady friends. And you young folk can stick your finger down your throat and act like you are vomiting. Ha!

I'm hoping Steve comes in town today. Haven't seen him since July. It would be nice.