Thursday, February 28, 2008

Only Chatting today.

All the comments are now visible. I discovered where they were and have clicked the right place for them to now show. So, Roseanna, your comments are now visible.

Yes, I was with Annie yesterday when her little angle didn't like something. The tears were just streaming down her face. I have seen her when she was awake and just really smiling....really big. She is a very sweet little lady. But, Annie, we'll have to try that again sometime.

I'm on the downward side of that afghan I talked about in early January. It has been giving me fits. It took me about three weeks to get it where it is. Then I started to have lots of problems. So, I put it aside for about another three weeks. Picked it up about 3 days ago. It's coming along, but it's just not easy. I gave this pattern to a lady in Crawfordsville and have been in contact with her via email. She also said that it is the most difficult pattern she's ever encountered. So, I guess it's not just me. I won't ever make another one like that.

Tom did well on Tuesday. I talked to him after he got home. He said it took Dr. Hagen 9 minutes on that hand. Once he got in there he discovered that it was a really tight situation. And he had to go slow and be very careful. It took him only 7 minutes on my hands. So, it must have really, really been tight. In about six months, he'll be really glad he had it done and that it is all over.

Sue, a lady at the Sheriff's Office, asked me this morning if I'd crochet her some dish cloths. Mom made them all the time. I looked for a pattern for them in mom's stuff. Just didn't find one. Another lady there has more than one pattern, so she is going to bring one to me. How do I get myself into these situations??

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Pam. Must remember that it's a day of abstinence. The first Friday of Lent I forgot. So, I fasted and abstained on Saturday. Not the way it is to be done, but, hey, when ya get old.....well.....what was I talking about???? Picked up my taxes today, so need to mail them tomorrow. Also need to go to the grocery. I've had someplace to go every day this week. I don't know if that's good or bad. There were some days this winter that my car didn't leave the driveway for four days in a row. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I didn't like this winter.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hope winter is over soon!!

Is it me, or is this a really bad winter? I haven't had any energy and just don't want to do anything. I'll be glad when we have some nice weather. I wonder how the people in Alaska do it. It's darker longer there than it is here. Yuk!!! I just looked outside, the snow is really coming down. It's sooo pretty. But, enough is enough.

I found more posts that weren't showing up. I've moved them to the post. Thanks to those who answer.

Tom is to have carpel tunnel surgery today. Now I don't have anyone to shovel my walks. Another reason to want the winter to be over. Geno is in Florida this week, so I understand. He has a dog now, also. A friend of Lori works where they rescue them and when they get too many, they put them down. She called and said that they were going to do a kill and she would like for this one to get a good home. So, Gene and Lori took it. How nice of them.

Steve called me a couple nights ago. He said that Jerry is doing much better. He's walking without a walker. Steve was on his way from Mooresville to Lafayette on Sunday when he called me. He thought that no one stayed with Jerry on Saturday night. He wasn't sure. So, things are improving, I guess. The only reason I check is for Steve. His back was broken several years ago, and even tho Jerry isn't a big person, it was still causing Steve some discomfort. So, like I said, it is because of Steve I check.

Glad to hear so many are going to be able to go to this mass. About a year ago there was to be a mass for mom and dad at 6:30 one morning. Gene and I went, but no priest showed up. This must be the one to make up for that one. I was told they would make it up. I don't like to go to this mass, but this is better than none. Does anyone know if there is anything else scheduled for this mass, like a wedding, or extra blessing, or a baptism, or whatever?

Last Friday someone ran into the mailbox across the street from me. That night they replaced the stand and the next morning (before the mailman came) they had a new box on the stand. I wish I knew what else they did to him. He was driving without a license. He also was hispanic. I think he was going to try to get away. No such luck.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boy, was I mistaken!!

On my February 21st post, I mentioned that a cat had killed a rabbit and my driveway was covered in rabbit fur. Well, I've since determined it wasn't a rabbit that was killed. When I found the fur, it was the first thing in the morning, it was just beginning to get daylight, there was a HUGE amount of it, and since I had heard the cats the night before I just assumed it was a rabbit. As I would open and close the garage door, some of that fur would drift into the garage. Well the morning I decided to take a closer look at a piece of fur. It's not rabbit fur, it's cat fur. I don't see wild black rabbits. I don't know what got that cat, but the cat was black. And, because of the amount of fur that was lost, I'd guess that it's dead.

Saw Levi last evening. After church I decided to have a salad at Arni's on 350 south. He busses tables and I believe he does some dishes too.

In St. Boniface bulletin there is a mass for mom and dad next Sunday at 9;30 a.m. That's for those who don't already know.

Today I'm going to take Snookums for her walk and then get my tax stuff ready. I haven't yet done that awful chore. Ughhh!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm still learning!

The comments now show up on the blog. I went to where they are, clicked the box in front of each comment, then clicked "publish." So, now they show.

Had a little excitement out front this afternoon. A fellow driving a van, came around the curve from the south and apparently lost control. I didn't see it happen. Snookums started barking and I went to the window to see. He had slid to the right, ended up across the street in the neighbor's drive sliding side-ways. Then slid side-ways far enough that he took out the mailbox. I called the fellow that live there, and the cops. It took the officer the longest time.......he just sat out there and sat. Finally the neighbor lady (who was out with her two kids) called me to tell me the fellow didn't have a driver's license. The van is still parked across the street. I wonder if he'll come back and drive it home??!!!!

The driver of the van had to get the jack out of his car to get himself off the base of the mailbox. It was one of those boxes on a cement stand. It broke the post and box off, but he was stuck on the stand.

Lu Ann's birthday was the 13th. I sent it about 4 days before. I got it back today. I didn't put the Zip on it. I'll have to call her tonight to tell her it was my fault. Rocky will get his before she gets hers. Am I getting old, or what?

About the time the fellow ran into the mailbox, UPS delivered a package to my door. It should have gone to a house on Dover CT. So, I called UPS and they wanted my phone number. I said no. Well, about an hour and a half later, they got it. Now, did they need my phone number????

Hey, Roseanna, I haven't heard from the museum in Indy. Whenever I do, I will let you know.

For those of you who are eating fish on Fridays, Culver's has a good piece of fish. It's Walleye. I got the sandwich today and didn't eat the bread. It was really good. But, Culver's make a Ruben sandwich and it's the best one I've eaten. And if you are old enough, ask for the senior discount.

Tom came and shoveled my walk and drive awhile ago. There is more snow on it. It is to stop anytime now.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Roseanna answered yesterday's post. Thanks for the tip, Roseanna. I went back in my settings and there was something about hiding comments. I changed it to "show." Maybe this will correct it. I'm going to email the museum and ask what the kind of knitting is all about or if the work "subversive" has another meaning.

Tom and Sherry came over last evening and helped me bathe Snookums. Will be taking her to the Vet this afternoon. Today is my volunteer day. Later I heard a cat outside my front window. It must be mating season. Then when I took Snookums outside before I went to bed, it, or they, had killed a rabbit. There was rabbit fur all over my drive. I guess I need to get the Animal Warden out here. The new city ordenance states that when the cat is off the owner's property, that the cat must be under the owner's control. The cats I see, clearly aren't under the owner's control. They are just running loose. Cats are more difficult to catch. What I need to do is turn Snookums loose.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The comments now appear; or I just found them!

Yes, this morning I had another comment appear. Yeah! Thanks to Roseanna. The sergers are neat machines. One can't do everything with them, but it sure helps with a fabric that ravels easily. Really glad that you like it so well. You also learned quickly.

Yesterday I had an email that took me to YouTube (I believe that's the spelling.) There were other choices so I clicked on one. It was a woman giving sewing tips. I need to go back and look at that one again. And look at the other ones on there.

It snowed again, and is still snowing. Have to go to the funeral home early this afternoon. So, need to do the shoveling. Tom won't be able to do it for me today. Maybe if I wait long enough, Geno will come around. He isn't working his job today. But he could be working for his father-in-law. So, I guess I'll have to do it. Tom and Sherry are going to come this evening and help me bath Snookums. She doesn't like it, but she's going to get it. She is heavy enough I can't lift her into the tub.

Is it me, or has this been a bad winter? I just haven't wanted to do anything. Is that called being lazy? Ha! Ha! Also, my feet were always getting cold. I've not had that trouble any other winter.

Hey, Roseanna, what is subversive knitting? Saw a flyer at JoAnn's that there is some kind of show for this at the Indiana State Museum in Indy from April 25 to August 24. The gal at JoAnn's said it is a neat thing to see. Do you know anything about this?

Monday, February 18, 2008

I learned something new!

Today I found a link on my blog that said "5 comments that need "attention." I've forgotten the word they used. But, never-the-less, I found it. Clicked on it and found those 5 comments from like late January that I didn't even know about. So, thanks Sam for the comment on Canada. The time I went from Toronto to Detroit was probably a similar drive as yours. It's a pretty drive, but nothing spectacular. I'm so glad I found your comments. Does your mother read my blog too? I don't hear from her about it if she does.

Then I found Roseanna's comments. Sure glad you are liking your serger. They are wonderful. Just watch that bottom piece of fabric. Sometimes it can get where you don't want it and the machine will cut it before you know it, and then your item is done-for. Oh, oh, bad English.

Why didn't my "comments" space show that I had comments? Also, what did I do to get this space and a half, instead of just one space between lines. I don't know how to fix it. Someone, HELP!!
Thanks also to Annie and Sarah. Nice to know there is someone reading this stuff. Even tho it isn't very interesting.
Karli went to the state music competation on Saturday. She received two more golds. Again, one for her solo and one for the quartet. There isn't any higher competations, but she did really well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What was I thinking??!!

Boy, did I goof the last time. I really don't know what I did to get that last "post." I guess I was having another 'senior moment.'

Shoveled the snow yesterday. Thought I'd sleep better because of all the exercise. No such luck. Got about 4 and 1/2 hours last night. Not good.

My Social Security check came in the mail yesterday. Scheduled to be here today. Because it was dated for today, I couldn't cash it. Oh, well!!!

Yeah! I found someone that will watch Snookums while I'm gone this summer. Now I can start making more definate plans.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why am I posting???

There isn't anything to post about. It's been snowy and cold and just plain yucky. Went for a walk today for the first time in days. I've had sewings to do and just didn't feel like doing it. Shame on me. The sewing room has been so cold that I didn't want to stay there very long at a time. Thru December and January I was leaving the lights on to help with the heat. When my electric bill came in, it was over a hundred dollars. So, I shut off the lights. Then the gas bill came in. Another biggie. I just never stops.

I have tulips coming up! What kind of weather are we having??

Saw in the paper where a Janet Klutzke died. Her mother was a Hatke. I did make a note of it in the genealogy.

Steve tells me that Jerry did okay Thursday. That he probably will get to come home on Monday.