Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Catch-up Time!

The last few days have been very busy. Last Sunday (the 24th), I drove to Cleveland, GA. Eric and Katy live there. I went to see Lyla Patricia. She looks just like her daddy, red hair and all. They live at a church camp and have an apartment in one of the buildings. Most of the buildings have porches, and the building that houses their apartment, has wrap-around porches and is three stories high. Really neat looking. When you look around you see mountains. The day I left, there was so much fog, it looked like you were walking and driving in the clouds. And damp, it was so wet there, I couldn't get my towel dry in 24 hours. The last time I used it, it was still damp from the day before. YUK!!!

It rained each day I was there. Dought conditions existed before I got there, so these rains were very welcomed. There wasn't a level patch of ground anywhere. The road I took into the town next to the camp was nothing but hairpin turns and very sharp ones at that. Drove right past the place that hosted the 1996 Kayak Olympics. Coming home I took a little longer way out, but much better roads.

On Wednesday, Dan, Lu Ann and I went to do a little sightseeing. Stopped at a potters place. It was an old mill of some sort. Didn't get the history on it. But, just outside on the upper porch one could look down into the water and see Trout swimming around. They had like gum machines that you put your quarter in and got a handful of Trout food. So, those Trout were swaming right below, waiting for the food.

Another town had a Bavarian look. One shop was nothing but clocks. The one I want costs over four hundred dollars--and that was supposedly a sale price. When the button on the side was pushed, the face opened up to reveal other working objects in the back. Really neat stuff.

The trip took right at 11 hours each way. It sure was nice to get back to level ground. Snooks was glad to see me. I've been doing laundry ever since.

On a different subject. Remember the first of April when a man from Quincy, Il called me and said he had fallen and couldn't get up!?? Well, his wife called me the first of last week. After his fall, she had to call the local police to get him up, and an ambulance to take him to the hospital. The poor fellow never got back home. A few days later they found he had cancer everywhere, and he was dead within about 4 weeks. The day she was told he had cancer, she lost her job. WOW!!! Not a good situation.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Presidential Award

As most of you know, I volunteer at the Sheriff's Office. I go for four hours each week. After you volunteer 250 hours, you are eligible for a Presidential Award. By the end of 2007 I had logged that many hours. In 2008 I received a certificate from Sheriff Brown for the 250 hours. Today we were to attend the County Council Meeting because the sheriff had arranged for us to be presented with these Presidential Awards. I think that Dan Grayson has more hours than I do. But, Dan was having some kind of a surgical procedure and couldn't be there. So, that left me being the one in attendance with the most hours. I was presented with a framed certificate, which had a letter signed letter from President Bush, and a silver pin. That means I have at least 499 hours so far. The others received a different colored pin along with the framed certificate and letter from the President.

Is it okay to be proud of yourself??? If it is, than I am. If now, forget you read this.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I had a very nice day today. Went to supper at Olive Garden. When I returned, there was a pot of Petunia's on my front porch. I would like to know who the nice person was that brought them to me so I can apologize for not being here and be able to thank them.