Monday, March 31, 2008

I met Max yesterday.

Yesterday was not very busy, but interesting. About 11 a.m. I decided to go to the mall. Walked the mall once and stopped in at Macy's. They had some good sales....50% and 75% off. I found a pair of slacks, tried the on, and the zipper was broken. Also found a sweater, a emerald green, crew neck, long sleeves and cables up and down it. The price was $12.75. I took the pair of pants to them and told them the zipper didn't work. She rang up the sweater, put another tag on it, and told me I owed twenty-two or twenty-three dollars. I told her it was only 12.75. looked at the tag, and the price was covered. I then told her I didn't want the sweater. That might be the last time I go to Macy's.

In the afternoon it was so warm I raked the yard for awhile. I still had a decent size section to finish. Well, I raked until it started to rain. Then I had to come in. Didn't quite get it finished. It won't take long to do so. Snookums was out with me. She was ready to come in too, she doesn't like the rain.

About 5 I went over to Gene and Lori's to meet Max. Max is the prettiest black dog. Max will be two in June. He has some Chow, some Lab and there is something else in this pup. He has the longest, softest coat that I've ever seen on a dog. I should have taken my camera. Never thought of it. Max had been at the shelter for 6 months. They were getting ready for a kill and Lori's friend called her and said that it would be a shame to put this dog down. Would they want it. They met with them and took the dog. This friend said that few people want black dogs. That they kill mostly black dogs. What a shame. It's neat that they saved him. It's neat that Annie and Martin have adopted their dog.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Web Address

There is a website where one can look up what day of the week any day occurred. Does anyone know that address?? I had it once, but now don't.

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Second post for today!!

I guess it pays to complain. My last couple of posts have been about how much I don't like Comcast. Remember the comment yesterday from someone at Comcast? After I posted this a.m. I emailed this person Well, I got a call from Comcast just a little bit ago. We talked for about 45 minutes and he was super nice. Helped me with my billing problem and even gave me a credit. He also told me about coupons coming out and how to take advantage of them. And, the one thing that Insight had that Comcast doesn't is when typing a message, that at the beginning of a sentance, the first letter is capitalized. And, also when typing the letter "I". He liked my suggestion and said that he is going to suggest it to the (I suppose he meant) programing people. (I can't remember the exact words he used. Sorry.) There are other things we discussed, but that was the most important.

My opinion has changed, (and maybe he's also reading this) I just hope I learn to continue to like it. There is nothing worse than not liking something you think you really need. I guess only time will tell.

Read the comments on my last post!!

Well, I think I shook the bush. My last post was read by Comcast and they commented. So, anyone that is interested just might want to read those comments. It doesn't commit to anything, but they now know that some people don't like their way of doing things.

I don't like the way their email works. They need to make it more user friendly. I was accustomed to Insight and really liked it. But now when I click on Compose, I don't get my address list. And they said that my address book would move over and it didn't. When I go to my address book, it says that it's empty. I've even clicked on "Save address" and it still doesn't do any good. I realize that each time we get something new, it takes a little getting use to, but this is ridiculous. I do not find it user friendly. I still think I should have gone to gmail.

And another thing, they are charging us for two months the first month. I wonder how many people will get a one month's rebate when they stop the service. I really think I paid one month in advance to insight and now I've paid two months in advance. Wow!!! I think the whole town ought to rebel. I still think Comcast stinks. (I wonder if I'll get another response.)

I also want to thank Annie for being to patient to tell me how to post a picture of Snookums. I need to take a picture of her first. I have one as wallpaper, but can't seem to find it anywhere to be able to post it. Oddly enough, she doesn't like her picture taken. Oh, well.

At least it getting a little warmer these days. I still have a little cleaning of the yard to do. Hope it gets warm enough to be able to finish it.

Just lately I had to use the services of our new Animal Control Officer. That officer is Randy Hale, an ex-policeman. He is an animal lover himself and a really nice person. When I contacted him (by email) he took care of the situation. I mean, the bad situation is gone. He went and talked to the people involved and everything is now quiet. If it stays that way, it will be great.
So, a big thanks to Randy.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I don't like Comcast!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usually when I start with a new carrier, it takes me a little bit to become accustomed to their way of doing things. But, Comcast is really bad. The big problem is, none of us asked for Comcast. I wonder when they will deregulate cable.

My TV went out yesterday. Now I must wait for a repairman and he won't be here until next week. It is a good thing that Lori (Gene's wife) had talked me into getting the service agreement. They will come a fix it for nothing. But, since it's sitting in a wall unit, they want to send someone to pull it out and unhook it so they can get to it. And that would cost me. So, a friend of mine is going to come over that day and pull it out and unhook it so they can do what they have to do. I'm beginning to think this whole world is crooked.

Yesterday was beautiful and I got some yard work done. I'm almost ready for Chico to roll it. Have one section to clean up yet. If it's a nice day on Friday, maybe I can get that done.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New email address

Now that Comcast is having everyone set up their email with them, I have a new address. It follows: . If I haven't sent you an email about this, then maybe you will want to make this note. I still have to change it with blogger.

Betty visited me yesterday. She has some scrubbies and wanted to know if they were crocheted or knitted. Well, they were crocheted. I tried to show her how to make new ones. I hope that if she gets stuck, she'll ask for help.

If anyone wants any crocheted dishcloths, I have several for sale. Or, if you know if anyone that needs any, have them contact me. Thanks.

I think I have a new sewing machine. Well, it's not new-new, but new to me. A lady I've done some work for has it and doesn't have time to use it. She wants to trade for work. I'm for that one. A couple weeks ago I went to Rossville to that new quilt shop there to check out their embroidery machines. Loved them, but couldn't justify that much money. The lady today suggested I go on ebay. That maybe I could find one there. Duh!!!!! Guess who is going to be on ebay a lot for awhile.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Just saw a picture of Martin and Annie's new puppy. Pretty dog. I wish I knew how to put pictures on here. I'd put Snookums picture up.

Logged onto Carmen's blog and she posted a new one recently. She, like Sarah, has revamped her site. The only problem is, she use to have a link to Eric and Katy's blog, and now I don't know how to go and read theirs. I don't know their address. I'll have to contact Lu Ann and get it. By the way, Carmen's address is . Ya all know she is pregnant again. Due the last of August.

I guess it's a good thing I'm not going to Alaska. Now maybe I'll get to go to Norfolk in September and see this new little one. Great-Grandchild #2. Yeah!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's getting warmer!

How about this weather today!? Not near as cold. It still gets pretty cool overnight, but warming up in the day makes up for it. We walked today. It was really nice.

Have been getting a little yard work done. Very little. It is so full of acorns, tiny thin twigs from the Hickory Trees, and Hickory hulls and the decorative grass is to be trimmed at the ground about the first of March. . I've almost filled three large bags, and I'm only about half finished with the raking.

Did my volunteer work today. Major Williams was in the office this a.m. With the long sleeve shirt, I couldn't see the bandages.

Did Annie get her dog? The last I looked, she hadn't posted today.

It wasn't that much to post about, but at least y'all know I'm still alive.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Did We Have a Lazy Weekend???

In checking the other blogs, I didn't really find any new posts. Everyone was either lazy or out doing something with all that nice sunshine we had. However, there was a skiff of snow on the ground yesterday morning when I took Snookums out. And, it was a cooler day. The walk was nice.

The news today said they had something like 4 inches of snow in Flagstaff, AZ yesterday. What a mess that was. It's really bad when something like that happens in a place like that. It's probably melted by now.

Was able to clean some of my yard on Thursday. This week looks pretty busy. Maybe it'll warm up enough that I'll be able to get more of it cleaned. Have a chiropractor appointment this a.m. Tomorrow I need to go to the funeral home. Denny Kochert died. When those boys were young, I babysat with them. Wednesday evening I have a meeting. On Thursday I will do my volunteer work. Also have some sewing to finish. So, I should stay pretty busy. Need to walk somewhere in there.

Talked to Steve last evening. Jerry is on his own now. Good for both. Also talked to Steve about all of us going to Turkey Run one day fairly soon. I don't get to see those kids very often. When I'm down there, they are usually with their dad. So, this would be a good time to do that one.

Last year I wanted to take Kaylyn to Turkey Run, and even said something to Rocky about it. Then my Plantar Fasciitis got a hold of me, and I was having troubles just walking. So, now I need to take her there for a day sometime this summer. It's really a nice park and, for those who like walking trails, that's the place to do it. It's not that far away. Pack a lunch and it can be a fun day for not a lot of money.

I guess I'm not going to get to go to Alaska. Can't find anyone to go with me. Then with the price of gas what it is today, I'm not sure this is the time to go. Things usually work out for the best.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A busy day!

Got up early because I had an 8 a.m. appointment for my car. Had the alignment checked and fixed. Then I went to the license branch to renew my driver's license and get my new plates. I got there early enough that I didn't have to wait very long. After that I did some shopping... Got Snookums some treats, rolls for my breakfast tomorrow, cashed a checked, returned something to JoAnn's and also bought some black denium. Then came home and ate lunch. Later I went back out to my hair appointment at 1 p.m.

About 3:30, Snookums and I went for a walk. She gained 3 pounds this winter because we didn't get out for a walk every day. After supper I went to the mall and ran into Jan Slate. Haven't seen her in ages. Had a nice little visit with her. Then went to church this evening. Even tho today was busy, it was nice because the winter was so bad that I got lazy. The busyness of it was good for me. I'd also be happy if it just slowly got warmer and that cold stayed away completely.

I hope tomorrow is warm enough for me to clean up the yard. When I was out with Snookums today, the side yard is just full of remnants of the acorns. What the squirrels didn't eat, that is. The only way to get them up is to rake them. That isn't too good on the back. So, I can only do a small amount at a time. Yuk!!

And, I haven't totally gotten into this DST thing. I'm still trying to adjust.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Life in the BIG city!!

The weather people say it's going to warm up some the middle of this week. Yeahhh!!! I'm tired of the inside of this house. However, I did a lot of crocheting. Didn't finish that afghan, tho. The lady in Crawfordsville emailed me yesterday and said she finished hers, but finished it her way. She had a terrible time with the instructions, as did I. So, it's not just me. I tried another pattern in that book, and it was the same story. I think I'll find different book.

I've now made several washcloths. And, thanks to Roseanne, I learned to google and find patterns for doing them. Both knit and crocheted ones. One lady offered to buy some of them. The great thing about the dishcloths is that they don't take long to make and one doesn't get tired of the item before it's finished. I also found a pattern for a purse. Just finished that last evening. It took a lot longer. I should have chosen a different color, but it is really nice. Great for when I wear jeans.

Roseanna must google everything. Now, I knew how to do that. But, after she told me I could find patterns for those washcloths I remembered I had another problem that could possibly be solved by googling. One day I decided to render my own lard. Bought 5#'s of pork fat from Beutlers and did it myself. As I'm cooking it, I realize I don't know how long to cook it. Then later I remembered to google. So, I looked up how to render lard. Several versions, but I now know a better way. I love the cracklins that are the by-product of rendering lard. By the time I use all this lard, I will be ready for more cracklins. This is one of the things that takes me back to my roots. I wonder if that is good or bad.

I'm anxious for this next week. It is to be warmer which means I can get out and do some of the yard work I didn't get finished last fall. Then there is the work that needs to be done in the spring. So, have lots to do. The yard needs rolled and I need to clean up all the acorns that the squirrels didnt' get before it can be rolled. Need to move about four plants and erect a trellis.

I tie Snookums to a tree when I'm out working. She doesn't liked to be tied up, but if I didn't she'd run off. And a city ordinance says they have to be on a leash. However, she does like being outside. She gets to bark at the cats, squirrels, school buses, UPS trucks, other dogs, the mail man, and anything else she decides she needs to announce their presents.

Life is fun in the big city!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And Yesterday was such a nice day!!!!

Oh, where did yesterday go? Too bad today isn't the same way. I've been doing a lot of griping about the weather we've been having. Is anyone else disgusted with it as I am?

Finished a blouse for myself this a.m. Was cleaning up the sewing room and found my water bill, and yes, it's overdue. OOooops!!!!! Now I need to run downtown and get it in that little box. That probably won't happen until tomorrow, again it's this weather.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What a nice day!!

It's been a beautiful day. Went to church this morning, something I usually don't do on Sunday morning. I prefer the Saturday late afternoon mass. Lots of family was there. This mass was being said for Mother and Daddy.

Took Snookums for a walk this afternoon. She loved it. So did I. I had put my boots on, and it's a good thing I did. The school yard was full of water.

Talked to my friend Pam this aftenoon. She worked at Kirby Risk with me. She's had a lot of problems the last year and a half. And she is finally getting over all of this. I was happy for her.
She watched Snookums when I went to Kansas City, Mo for Eric's wedding.

Did a little sewing this afternoon, just for me. I'm trying to make a blouse. It's red. Daddy would have liked it. One time I showed him a flower I had made out of ribbon. It was pruple. He looked at me and said, "Why don't you make a red one." Such a sweetheart. Loved him anyway.

Are there going to be any craft shows around town this summer or fall that anyone knows about? I have some stuff I need to sell. Also need to have a garage sale this spring. too. Have a bunch of stuff in the garage that I needs to go.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dishcloth websites

Thanks so much, Roseanna, for the tip to google the croched dishcloths. I did and found several I liked. Then I googled the knitted dishcloths and found several more. A very good tip. Thanks again.