Saturday, December 22, 2007

Who reads these blogs of mine??!!!

I would like for anyone reading the blogs I publish, to at least let me know. At first, I was getting a comment or two. But now, nothing. I realize that they aren't very exciting, but if no one is going to read them, or care what I do or don't do, then I will quit doing this.

Christmas with my kids is today at Tom and Sherry's. Unfortunatly George will be there too. But, especially for Lu Ann and family, it is much easier for them if I just do it this way. Not for me. I really hate doing it this way. Just hate it. But, it is for them that I do. Am taking an Apfelkuchen. If you would like to know what that is, let me know and I'll explain.

Merry Christmas to all those reading this.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Christmas time! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are we going to get all this bad weather they are predicting? When I took Snookums out the morning, it was cold. It's probably the smart thing to get her walk in before it all hits.

Ya know, it has to be winter. My sister has contacted me twice this week and asked about recipes. That tells me that it's cold enough that it's time to stay in and cook. I'm not going to cook. I'm the only one to eat it and that's no fum.

One of the things Betty told me was that she bought a spring-form pan sometime back and it had on the wrapper the recipe for our Apple Couca. Now, I have my ideas about that. In talking to people that know some German, Kuchen is the name for cake. I believe it's pronounced "Kookun." I think that the reason they have pronounced it couca was that some little kid started saying it that way, and someone thought it was cute, and it just kept on going. But on that new pan she bought was a recipe for Apfelkuchen. After some time to figure it out, she realized it was the exact recipe for the Apple Couca we have had for years. The only difference was that their recipe was doubled. I always doubled it anyway, cause I had so many to feed.

I'm ready for Christmas. Hope everyone else is also. I cheated tho. I put money in cards for the kids and grandkids and great-grandkid. Then got a gift certificate for the name I have in our drawing. So, mine was easy.

I'm wanting to go see some of Alaska this summer. I might be looking for someone to travel with. Anyone interested? The reason I say "might" is that someone else told me a couple of years ago to stop and pick her up on the way. But, she could back out. Just don't know all the details yet. I have a childhood friend living in Alaska, so will go see her and her husband. Probably use that area as a "base." She has already suggested two things to do. Other than those two things, she said just driving around will get us all the scenery we want. That there is so much to see. Even tho the gas prices are so high, it will be the least expensive thing to do. I just hope everything works out that I get to go.

Time for our walk.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The leaf pile is gone!

Yeah!!!!!!!!! I was thinking of calling the city when I heard the motor of the truck coming into the area. How nice to have them gone. Now I need to go out and clean thing up. They didn't really clean up the street. But that's okay. I'm just happy that the huge pile is gone. I had company last weekend and they even remarked about that BIG pile of leaves.

I also need to clean up the yard. I didn't get around to mowing the grass before the grass quit growing. It will seem kinda strange running the mower in December, but it will have to happen that way. This yard will mold over the winter if the grass is too long and/or if there are a lot of leaves left on the grass. Today is kinda warm....wet, but warm. I am going to try to get it done today....if the grass is dry enough to mow. (Can you tell that I really don't like the yard work?)

Yesterday my friend Pam and I went to Rossville. She knew of a new quilt shop opening up out there and she wanted to go see it. Rossville also had "Breakfast in The Village" and their annual craft/Christmas show at the school. We didn't get breakfast, but we went the other two places. One of my neighbor ladies had a booth there, so visited with her for a minute. Just as we were about to call it quits, I ran into a lady (Carolyn) that I knew when I lived out there. Her sister Sharon was with her and Sharon did some babysitting with Lu Ann and Rocky back then. Their mother was there also, and I got to visit with her.

Carolyn told me that Kate Shepard (a ex-next door neighbor) had died about 4 months ago. I had missed that in the Obits. Another lady I had been wondering about, Geneva Shivley, I learned is now in a nursing home. I guess we all get old. But, Pam and I really enjoyed the day.

The Sheriff's office is having their Christmas party on Friday evening this week. That will be the only Christmas party I will be eligible to attend. So, it should be fun.

I need to go look up a sock pattern to knit. I hear that Anna wants to learn to knit socks. The one problem is that she is really close to delivering. We may have to wait a few weeks until she recoveres enough.

I need to take Snooks for a walk. Bye!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Leaves, leaves, leaves!!!!

Is it me, or are the leaves falling really fast this year? It seams that blowing those things to the curb is all I've been getting done lately. The pile of leaves in front of my house is HUGE!! The city must be having trouble getting around to pick them up. That pile has been there since before I went to Cleveland. That was almost a month ago. But there aren't very many leaves left on the trees. So, maybe it's about over. I spent three hours straight yesterday outside just trying to clean them up. That isn't easy on an old lady. I was beat when I got finished. Didn't get the extension cord put away, I was that tired.

I have only one Christmas present to buy. I hope everyone is as close to being finished with that as I am.

On Thanksgiving Day I addressed all my Christmas cards. They are ready and I will mail them on Dec 1st. If you want a card from me, you better let me know now.

Today is Bud and Pat DeBoy's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. There is a mass at St. Boniface at 4:30 with a reception immediately following in the gym. It probably will be more like a reunion. That's good. Reunions are always fun.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Nothing new to talk about. Just wanted to tell everyone reading this,

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just talking!!!

On Tuesday this week, Mary Mailloux and I went to Westfield to see Joan Lods. Joan drove us to Noblesville for lunch. That seems to be a nice little town. Kinda quaint, but neat. Had a really nice time.

Blowing leaves to the curb has been keeping me busy. Between my next door neighbor and I we have a HUGE pile of leaves at the curb in front of my house. The neighbor lives on the outside of the curve and they don't have a lot of room to park vehicles. And since I have only one car and it is parked in the drive all the time he decided to use my pile to put his leaves on. Leaving their curb space for parking. That is the reason the pile is so large. I saw him the other day, raking some of my leaves and putting them at the curb. How nice of him. I sure didn't stop him.

Have to go to Steve's today. Emily's birthday party is this afternoon. Usually go to mass on Saturday late afternoon. I guess I'll go tomorrow. Didn't do much yesterday. I'll just have to get busy today and finish tomorrow, after church. Oh well!

Took Snookums for her walk already this a.m. She knows when I'm getting ready to go out with her. She just jumps around she is so excited. When I'm going out to blow the leaves or rake the Hickory Nuts, I take her out and tether her to a tree. She doesn't like being tethered, but she likes being outside.

Last Saturday my friend Pam came around to show me a quilt she had pieced. She had gone that morning to pick it up from the quilters. Pam had pieced it, but someone else had machine quilted it. All the pieces were one and a half inches square. All the seams matched perfectly. The main color was blue and she still had to put the outside trim on. But it is really beautiful. I wouldn't have had the patients to sew ALL those little squares. I wish she had had it hand quilted. But, it takes so much more time.

Need to go do some dishes. My dishwasher is broken, so have to do them by hand.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

That Blooming Christmas Cactus

My Christmas Cactus starting getting buds on it right after I brought it in from being outside all summer. It does that every year. It's kinda frustrating because then it blooms at Halloween rather than Christmas.....or even Thanksgiving. The buds were about to burst when I left for Lu Ann's. When I got home they were in full bloom. Never-the-less, it is gorgeous. The blooms are a bright red with a touch of orange.

I don't like this weather. If it has to be rainy, why can't it be warm, or so cold it snows. I really don't like it this way.

I was to go to a baby shower today. But Annie went into labor on Friday and they called off the shower. I took my gift to Gene and Roseanna's on my way to church last evening. Ben's "moving" truck is parked at the curb. There is so much going on there right now.

My friend Pam dropped by yesterday about noon. She pieced a quilt and brought it for me to see. All tiny square pieces in various shades of blue. it is beautiful. She still has to put the binding around the outside. THAT WAS A LOT OF SEWING! I like to sew, but I don't think I have that kind of patients.

The wind has died down and Snookums needs to go for a walk. It't not going to get any warmer, so it's time I do that.

Monday, November 5, 2007

A working visit with Lu Ann

October 27 Snookums and I went to see Lu Ann and Dan. She needed curtains made for the upstairs bedrooms. Some of the kids are going to be home over Thanksgiving and she wanted the windows covered. So, I packed up two of my sewing machines, Snookums and all her stuff, clothing enough for me for 8 days, and off we went. I arrived back yesterday about 3 in the afternoon.

The trip was uneventful and Snookums did okay. I had asked the Vet for something to give her to calm her down. She will bark at everything both ways if i hadn't. After about three hours she would get tired and lay down....then see something and bark.....then lay down again. The medication would wear off about an hour before arriving. But other than that she did okay. Getting all the stuff in my car in the middle seat was the challenge. But, I managed to do it.

I was able to get 9 windows covered before I left. Lu Ann had taken Friday off. We did have to hang a couple things on Friday morning. Then we went to a tea house for lunch. She had to stop at Wal*Mart, but I don't remember what we got. There is something we bought, but I can't tell just in case Carmen reads this. It is for Caleb and Cole for Christmas. Hopefully I'll remember to tell all of you after Christmas. Someone remind me if I forget.

Dan had gone to Dallas on Sunday afternoon and returned on Friday afternoon. We all went out to eat Friday evening. On Saturday Lu Ann had to help Dan some. He is building a deck on the back of the house and needed someone to hold boards and things like that. So, I loaded up as much of my stuff as I could. Then finished it on Sunday morning and left for home.

A very enjoyable visit, even if I work the most of the time. And Snookums is really glad to be back home.

Have lots of catching up to do. The yard is full of leaves. Still need to trim back the rose bushes and I am going to pack some of the leaves around the bushes for the winter. They make good insulation. The rest need to be blown to the street. Some of the neighbors have already done that. Now I need to catch up. The inside is dirty too. Have been cleaning all morning and watering plants. It almost doesn't pay to be gone. Had the mail held and it will come sometime soon. Then I'll have to pay the bills that are in it. I hope there is money in that mail to cover those bills.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catching up.

It's been a while since I posted anything. Didn't realize it until I looked it up. But, I really haven't been doing anything of any importance.

Went to Stookey's in Thorntown on Friday. Barb Virgin couldn't make it to any of the class reunion stuff, and she and husband leave for Florida in about 10 days. So, some of us met there and had lunch. Stookey's makes VERY good onion rings. If you ever go there, you have to at least taste those. And, it's not expensive either.

Other than my volunteer job and keeping the yard clean, I haven't been doing much. Haven't had any sewing jobs lately. However, I haven't minded that. The yard is taking up so much time, I've appreciated not having any sewing to do.

Lu Ann needs curtains made for her house. Am going to take Snookums and go see her sometime soon. That ought to be some trip. Snookums doesn't ride well.

I'm looking for a motorhome. No more than 6 years old, low milage, decent shape and a hell of a good price. Let me know if you know of one. Thanks.

ANYONE WANT ANY HICKORY NUTS??? I'm going to throw them away. They are a good nut. Not a lot of taste, but they are good. Have some really big ones. Won't tell you what Daddy called them.

Need to get back to cleaning the yard. Those Hickory nuts are getting the best of me.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I found my license!

Well, the old lady is really loosing it! About three months ago I lost my keys. I looked, but couldn't find them. Having another set, I used them. Then I misplaced my drivers license. Didn't realize it until a couple weeks later. I always keep it in my purse. However, I was going some place that I didn't want to carry my purse. So I took my license out and put it in my back pocket of my jeans. When I washed the jeans, I found the license. A couple weeks later I was going to go somewhere else that I didn't want to take my purse. This time my license wasnt in my purse. Spent a week hunting it. While hunting for my license, I found my keys. Yeah!!!

Before I found the license I had gone to the Sheriff's Office to do my voulnteer job, and asked Sheriff Brown how much trouble I could get into. Well, the first thing he wanted to do was to put me in shackles. He is sooo funny. A day or two later I found it in my car. Usually when I loose something and later find it, I remember putting it there. However, this time I don't remember putting it in my car. Boy, I'm really getting old. I guess it better than being dead.

It is to be hot again today. Need to take Snookums for her walk while it's still not too hot. Also need to rake the Hickory nuts in the yard today. If it's too hot, I may not get it finished. The leaves will start falling pretty soon. Then it will really be a mess. That's why I need to keep the nuts cleaned up.

Talked to Lu Ann last evening. She needs curtains for her house. Sometime soon, I plan to go to her house and sew for a week. I'll get as much finished as possible. Snookums is going with me. That will be some trip because she doesn't ride well. I feel all she needs is a few trips to get her accustomed to it. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Joan Anthrop Katz

Today I attended a funeral for a former classmate. Joan Anthrop Katz. Joan has been married to Vincent for a lot of years. They never had any children. Joan was a nurse and a very good one. She was one that took all the "smart" classes in school. Vince took care of her until her organs began to fail. He then took her to the hospital where she died a day or two later.

About a year ago she passed out one evening at home. Vince called 911. Joan woke up 3 or 4 days later with all kinds of tubes coming out of her. Being a nurse she knew immediately this wasn't good. They discovered she had a brain tumor and had removed it. She got better and returned to work part time. Then sometime earlier this year (I believe it was late spring) they found a mass in her chest. At this time she was so weak Vince got her a motorized wheel chair. There was radiation done on the mass, but no Chemo.

But she didn't have any hair, just a little fuzz on her head. Other than that she looked pretty good. There were about 7 girls from our class at the funeral. One coming from Michigan and two from around Indianapolis. So sad. That makes 7 from my class that have died. I think this is the 5th one from cancer.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A visit with Mrs. Foster

When I visited with Mrs Foster (my high school Home Ec. teacher) last April, I told her I'd come back and get her and bring her to my house to show her the flowers I make out of ribbon. On Labor Day I called her number and got on answer. That concerned me. Last week called her again....this time she answered. She is now living in the Assisted Living part of Westminster Village. She has given up her "cottage" and feels it was the right thing to do. She was probably moving when I called on Labor Day. Now 97, she has to use a walker.

When I first called her a week ago, she was willing to come here. But, when I called her to tell her I could do it on Thursday, she decided it wasn't the thing to do to come here. That it would be too much for me to help her get around. So, I packed up some of my things and went to see her. She had to hear about our reunion this year. And, a lot of the girls she remembered. She is fraile, slow to get around and said she's about to call it quits.

As I was leaving her today she asked me not to be sad when she goes, but be happy that she had a good life. And she hopes that some night she goes to bed and doesn't wake up. She thanked me again for coming over. I enjoyed the visit very much. She is always very gracious.

Just found out that another of my ex-classmates has died. Cancer was the cause. That makes 7 out of my class that are gone.

I'm replanting some flowers in my yard. Tom is going to take me to get trellis' today. Need something for my Clematis to grow up on. I also have a Wisteria that needs something for it to vine out on. Hope I find something that will work. Haven't done any sewing for a few days. Need to get to that too. Such is life.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not much of an update!

Still not much going on......just the same old thing. However, my plantar Fasciitis is slo-o-w-l-ly getting better. My chiorpractor seems to be doing me the most good.

Went to the Apple/Popcorn Festival yesterday. Nice day, nice walk and bought me a couple of things. One booth was roses made of wood shavings. I got me a bouquet for $8.50. And it won't die, I don't have to water it, and it will last forever. All I have to do is dust it. Oh, my favorite thing to do!!! I was really looking for an older fellow that I bought an item from last year. It was a round platform, made of wood, with casters. They are made to put potted plants on. They are really nice. But, I couldn't find him. I need to see if I still have his buisness card. Had a polish sausage for lunch and then came home.

Snookums wants to go for a walk. She needs that. Didn't get her out yesterday.

I also need to get to my bushes and yard. It's really too late to trim the bushes. Have some flowers I want to move around. This is the time of the year to do that. Also want to go to Chico's. He has a white Lilac bush that came from the farm. He said I could have a start. And now is the time to do that. Never finished weeding my one flower bed. Boy, is it a mess. Will let the frost do it now. Hope I have more time for that next year.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Levi and Karli's soccer schedule

Well, I finally got the time of three soccer games. I had to ask for it. Doug just doesn't get the schedules to me. Karmine says she reminds him. He's just like his dad....if you don't do it for him, it doesn't get done.

Another person I talked to today said they heard Karli sing the National Anthem last week. He was impressed. The girl is good!!!

I also found out that Jacob is coaching CC's soccer team. Got a hair cut today. Karmine knows more news.

Anyone want any Hickory Nuts?? They are falling fast. You can have them for just picking them up. When I pick them up, I pitch them. I was just out picking them up. Was out there for half an hour and am tired. Will have to pick up more tomorrow. Yuck!!

Mike Lockard came by today. He was missing about 5 or 6 names on our 8th grade graduating picture. He knew I'd know them. He also had an article that appeared in the J&C in the fall of 1957. Alida Seimers and another gal went to Holland for a visit. We scaned it and sent it to Alida.

In my decluttering, I found an article about Civil Defense that appeared in the paper in 1978. Sam Hughes was in it. A Ted Bumbleburg was also in it. Have been finding some real gems as I sift thru things. I keep asking myself why I kept all this stuff. But at the same time, it's fun going thru it. Lots of memories. I guess that's what we "old" people live for???

Saturday, September 8, 2007

It's raining.....again. Yeah!!!

The rain is wonderful. It is coming down lightly. That gives it time to soak in. How nice.

I will go to church this evening. Have to leave early, neet to go to JoAnn's before church. Three days ago the wind started blowing and I didn't get my potted plant off the stand in time and it blew over and broke the pot. Need to get another. Shame on me.

Next Saturday is the Apple/Popcorn Festival in Brookston. Want to go to that. Hope it doesn't rain.

Have several sewing jobs. Need to get to those. Also need to get back to my decluttering project. It's tough to get back to it. I really don't like to do it. Oh, well!!

My car didn't leave the driveway for two days. I told you I lead an exciting life. Do you believe me now?

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Not much happening

This day wasn't very exciting, even for me.
Did a little sewing and watched a movie.
My grill has sprung a leak. Need to have it fixed before I can use it again.
Made a pot of soup. Have forzen most of it. It will come in handy when the weather gets cooler.
I need gas in my car and it went up fifteen cents today. Boo!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I hope I've spelled it correctly. But is has taken me most of the week to get my energy back. Have had some headaches also. Hope it's only the pollen. Time will tell.

Have been taking it easy this week. Have done a little sewing. Need to get to my flower beds. They are a mess. But the Hickory Nuts are falling and now it takes me twice as long to mow the grass as it did in the spring.

Snookums keeps pestering me. She wants to go for a walk. Poor thing, she is so mistreated. The lady that I got her from was here the other day. She had some sewing for me to do. She was quite impressed with the changes in Snookums. She is pleased that she got a good home.

Have been reading other peoples blogs. Anna's is always very interesting. She even posts pictures. I need to learn to do that. Then I can post pictures of all my old lady friends. And you young folk can stick your finger down your throat and act like you are vomiting. Ha!

I'm hoping Steve comes in town today. Haven't seen him since July. It would be nice.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Someone's reading my blog!

After I started this blog, I wondered to myself if anyone would ever read it. Yesterday I decided to see if I had any comments. And, yes, I did have some comments!!! How exciting. Why, Sarah even put a link to my blog on her blog. How nice that someone thinks that much of me to do that. Thanks, Sarah.

Then there were the comments. Sam doesn't like needles. Well, Sam, it must run in the family. I've never liked needles, either. But, they say, that when it's done right, you don't feel those needles in acupuncture. So, my guess is, you went to the wrong acupuncturest. (Did I spell that right?) However, my foot is much better just with the Chiropractic adjustments. We will see, maybe I won't need the punctures.

Today I go to my freebee job. In fact, they are so far behing, I am going to go two days this week. One of the office girls sister died suddenly Sunday evening. So they are short handed and the extra help would be a great advantage to them. Not that I am that good, but they have to do her job as well as their own.

Oh, Sarah, I haven't figured out how to put links on my blog. Can you explain to me just how to do that? Or, is one of those things that is right there in front of my nose and I just can't see. That is not an uncommon thing with me, you know.

Thanks to all of you who are reading my blog. It's nice to know there is someone with enough interest in what I do to read about me. Again, thanks everyone!

Off to work. Bye!

Monday, August 27, 2007

The party was a success.

It's Monday, and I'm tired. Didn't get out of bed until 8 a.m. Tried three times to take a nap, but it didn't work. Had to go see my Chiropractor just now. My foot is better because of the visits. So, will keep going to get the thing fixed.

The party went off very well yesterday. There were a total of 18 (counting me) here. Ginger Jenkinson Klimisch, Mary Lou Francis Mailloux, Judy DeLion Rausch, Connie Krabbe Lux (and husband David), Donna Wilson Reynolds, Donna Simpson Ubelhor, Carolyn Brettnacher Riley, Patty Mackey Petty, Joan Brooks Lods, Patty Connor Peterson (and husband Jim), Fred Reiss, Ricki Gillaspy Platt, Deidra Simison Sarjent, Michael Lockard (and wife Pam) and me.

We had so much food it was a sin. We ate, talked about school days and since. Fred and Patty are cousins. Something I didn't know. I had some old school stuff, Mike brought pictures and a booklet we made, probably in the 8th grade. I have everyone of my report cards. Both diploma's. At one time there were about 10 to 14 people in my little bedroom just looking at memorbilia and talking. Fred walked to the door with Mike, saw all those women in there and said, "Hey, Mike, all these women, just you and me, and in a bedroom besides. Let's shut the door."

The only thing I didn't get done in time for the party was to mow the grass. It needed it too. But, I'm only one and that's that.

Now, it's get back to the sewing , I think I have about 6 jobs waiting for my attention. Lori called today, she has some sewing for me. Back to the old grind.

I'm so happy that my party was such a success. Everyone thanked me and told me how cute my house is. They all asked about my furniture. Pam liked it too.

It's too late to try to get a nap. Lori is going to be here about 4:15. I need to get dished done.

Enough for today.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Not much that's new

Nothing much is new. Have been working all day yesterday cleaning house. I hadn't been doing anything to keep it clean. There has been so much else going on. So, now it's catch-up time. Still have two windows to clean and the blinds on them. Then wash Snookums nose prints off other windows. Wash the light fixtures in the kitchen and living room.

The kitchen is next. It's really a mess. The floor is too. Snookums isn't too clean.

The thing at the Frozen Custard is today. I think I also need to see the Chiropractor again today. The foot is really a lot better this morning. I guess I'll see how that lasts with all the work I need to do today. Maybe another adjustment is what I really need.

Need to go take Snookums for her walk. It rained again last night. The grass is so wet, I'll have to stay on the sidewalks. She won't, but I will.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rain, rain, rain, we love you!

It rained yesterday. A lot of rain. It was puddleing in my yard. It just never does that. Thanks God for the rain. It was much needed here. The ground had good size cracks in it.

It is suppose to rain again today. I am going to do my volunteer job today instead of tomorrow. I need to wash my mini blinds and need a day of no rain to do so. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

Party plans are moving right along. Will spend probably two days cleaning house. The garage needs a little help yet. Then it'll have to do as is. It will be a busy weekend. And a lot of fun.

Went to see my Chiropractor yesterday. She said that Plantar Fasciitis is caused because the back is not in line. It affects the Fascia. She may need to use acupuncture on it to fix it. Which she claims it will. Hopefully. Need to tell Betty so she can tell her two girls that have been affected by this in the past.

Tom was to come on Saturday and finish the bed. He spaced it. Shame on him. He is to come here tonight and finish it. Thanks heavens. I want to get this room finished so bad.

My life is so exciting, I bet you are on pins and needles waiting to hear what I'm doing next. Till next time.

Friday, August 17, 2007

No rest for the wicked!

Tom came today to build the box for the spare bed. He was here for at least 6 hours but didn't quiet get finished. We didn't have enough wood, so had to go get it before we could begin. He is going to come back tomorrow and hopefully get it finished. Just one more step to being where I hope to be. Finished that is. I need to go get some screws. Have one length, but need another.

I told Tom today that I need a tool chest. I'm hoping that he will remember that and get his siblings together and do that for me for Christmas. Wouldn't that be nice???

I did some watering of the yard today. Still don't have any rain. It takes a lot when it is so dry.

Tomorrow I hope to get some mini blinds washed. If it rains I'll have to postpone it till Sunday.

No rest for the whicked, right????

I read other people's blogs and they go on and on. Their blogs are very long. Mine are not. Maybe I need more excitement in my life. But that is the way it is.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not a bad day!

Thank the Lord for today. It is much cooler, doing some raining, but much cooler and that is the blessing I have been looking for. It's been too hot to do any work outside. I have begun to water the grass some. Only because it was brown and I would like for it to be a little greener for my party. The rain today, altho not much yet, should help.
I'm finally getting a little room in my garage. Have been moving stuff to the shed. In between rain showers, that is. Nice to have the room to do so. It makes a person feel so good.
I now need more room in my sewing room. Finding stuff in storage that I forgot I had. Oh, well. Maybe I'll put some of it in a garage sale. Come Saturday, I'll have to do more cleaning in the garage. That way if people going to garage sales sees stuff setting out, maybe they'll think I'm having a sale too. I could get rid of a few items. Wouldn't that be nice. The room and the money are the nice things about it.
Am taking Snookums to the vet to have her nails trimed today. They are really long, the front ones, that is. I also need a refill on her heartworm medicine. I usually get a six months supply.
What a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

A little cooler today

It was a little cooler today. Still no rain. Yet too hot to move stuff into my shed. Maybe tomorrow.

Finished that western shirt today. She seemed happy with it. Also shortened two pair jeans for Carla (at the jail). Now I have 4 shirts to take up for a lady. Then I'm going to quit until after this reunion. I need to clean out the garage and then clean the house. Also need to water the lawn so it looks decent for the party.

Finally it was cool enough to take Snookums for a walk tonight. She was ready. The last time I walked her was last weekend. It's time to have her nails cut again.

Have a plumber coming on Monday. Have an outside faucet leaking, the stool in the guest bathroom is leaking and the handle on the tub in the same bathroom is broken. Have to fix that.

Need to get Tom over here to get that bed made. Then I will have the office/bedroom set up like I want it.

I lead an exciting life, don't I?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A very, very hot day!!!

Yes, it's been a very hot day. On Time and Temp they are saying it's 103. And, when it is hot, I get very lazy. Sometimes that's not good.

This is the day I usually go to the Sheriff's Department. It has turned out to be a very nice volunteer job. It's just busy work, but it gives them some relief. The lady I assist is so swamped, she can't see over the mound of work.

I should have mowed some of the yard, but the heat kept me from doing that. My Plantar Fasciitis is getting better, too. That is a relief in itself. And mowing the yard doesn't usually help it any.

I had an oak tree die last year. Last fall a couple of guys cut it down for me. They just dropped it because I wanted the wood. Gene helped me cut it up and we stacked it. I broke up all the twigs for kindlin'. I had to clean out the space were I had thrown it so I could have the shed built. Have been restacking it kinda behind the shed. Had a really nice, neat stack going. Guess what happened. It fell over. Talk about being depressed....well, just plain mad is what I was. Now I will need to do it again. But won't until the weather cools off some, well, quite a bit, really.

I need to get the cuffs on that western shirt yet tonight. Except for the hem it will be finished.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

More blogs to read

I think blogs are neat. I enjoy reading and keeping up on what the grandchildren, nieces, nephews and just what some friends are up to. It's a neat way to keep up with thier activities. Have been reading Annie's blog on and off for awhile. Now I've found Anna's. I like the way she writes.

For the first time in my life I have the opportunity to be organized. Have been working on this for about a year now. Have been painting the inside of my house now all rooms have been painted. This house is 12 years old and most walls hadn't been painted until about a year and a half ago. Success there. As I was doing the painting I rearranged things. Moved my bedroom from the front of the house to the back. And I really like it there. Was able to put the bunkbeds up in the one spare/guest bedroom. And now am in the process of turning the front bedroom into an office/guest bedroom.

Now have some bookshelves up and loaded with books. It has helped greatly with the organizing part. Now have a shed in the back yard. The next chore is to clean out the garage. Then get some shelves up in there. Can't put the leftover paint in the shed. Need to get the paint cans up off the floor.

Then it's time to clean out the storage unit I've been paying for the last two or three years. I've found baby books for the bottom four kids. All the original birth certificates from the hospital. And other stuff I had almost forgotten about. After I get the storage cleaned out and everything sorted thru, I should know where most things are. Then this winter it will be time to do something with pictures. There are some in albums, but most are not. Wow, I just may be half way finished.

Don't you all feel sorry for me?????!!!!

What a dull life I lead.

Not much happening. Went to church last evening. Yesterday wasn't as hot, but church hadn't cooled off too much. Was better than last week. There isn't one at this time next week. I guess I'll have to go to the hospital on Sunday morning. YUK!!!

Took Snookums for her walk this morning. Was able to walk without a lot of pain. The soreness is still there. Have been putting ice on it the last couple of nights. Seems to have helped.

Worked in the yard most of yesterday. Doug came over and cut up some wood for me. I still have to move the kinlin'back by the shed. It was a really big pile. I work in it when my foot doesn't hurt too bad and it isn't raining. Altho, we could use more rain. My yard is really bad looking. I still need more trees cut down. I had 5 trees die last summer. I wonder if someone didn't help them along!???

I need to get back to finishing that western shirt. Don't like zippers and this one is right down the front. Not funny, McGee!!!!

Let me know how you are doing.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Same old - same old

Not much happened this day. This lady I'm making this western shirt for came by today for a fitting. She was quite thrilled with what she saw. The zipper she bought is way too long. I am going to church tomorrow, so will get a shorter one while I'm out.

It was quite hot today. I didn't even take Snookums for a walk. Maybe I'll feel like it early enough tomorrow it won't be too hot. She'll like that.

Did a little shopping today. Needed some food. Now I need dog food plus the zipper.

How was your day? Fine I hope. I'd be interested to know.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Think I'll remember?

I'm to get a perm today. Think I'll remember to go! It was schedualed for last week and I forgot. Do ya suppose that is age doing that to me?

Have a western shirt to make for a lady. She is in a competation and the cloths have to fit just so.

The weather is suppose to be really hot for the next few days. My AC will really get a workout. It won't be funny when I have to pay the bill.

My foot seems to be some better. It still hurts, sometimes really bad. But overall, I think its better.

I need to get to work.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Start-up .. Catch-up

I think blogs are neat. I check Carmen and Caleb's regularly and it is a neat way for me to keep up with them. They live so far away that visiting with them more than once a year, is impossible. I have a chance to watch Cole grow. Annie has one also. I think all family members should do this because the communication between some is basically non-existent.
I graduated 50 years ago from High School. My class reunion is the last weekend in August and it is going to be a two day affair. On Saturday evening we will eat at The Sportsman Inn in Monticello. Afterwards we will walk across the road and board the Madam Carroll for a cruise on Lake Freeman. The next day we are attending a mass at St. Elizabeth's chapel at 9 a.m. In the afternoon there is a party at my house with some of the girls that went to Jeff after two years at St. Francis. There will be others also.
I am trying to get my "stuff" in some semblance of order. Haven't been able to do that since the beginning of time. This is very exciting for me and I'm grateful I can now do that. Now, maybe, I'll be able to find all of my stuff. I did find a photo album that had been missing for about 12 years. It was the one I made of Uncle Ray's first couple of visits to Lafayette. I was so happy to find it, I cried. I will work on this organizing as I have time. There just might come a time when I will be completely organized. Ha! Ha! Ha!
I would encourage anyone and everyone to start one of these. They are free and it is an excellent way for all of us to keep in touch. If I can do this, anyone else can. I'm not computer literate, but this is easy.....and it's FREE.
Until I have something else to write about.