Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catching up.

It's been a while since I posted anything. Didn't realize it until I looked it up. But, I really haven't been doing anything of any importance.

Went to Stookey's in Thorntown on Friday. Barb Virgin couldn't make it to any of the class reunion stuff, and she and husband leave for Florida in about 10 days. So, some of us met there and had lunch. Stookey's makes VERY good onion rings. If you ever go there, you have to at least taste those. And, it's not expensive either.

Other than my volunteer job and keeping the yard clean, I haven't been doing much. Haven't had any sewing jobs lately. However, I haven't minded that. The yard is taking up so much time, I've appreciated not having any sewing to do.

Lu Ann needs curtains made for her house. Am going to take Snookums and go see her sometime soon. That ought to be some trip. Snookums doesn't ride well.

I'm looking for a motorhome. No more than 6 years old, low milage, decent shape and a hell of a good price. Let me know if you know of one. Thanks.

ANYONE WANT ANY HICKORY NUTS??? I'm going to throw them away. They are a good nut. Not a lot of taste, but they are good. Have some really big ones. Won't tell you what Daddy called them.

Need to get back to cleaning the yard. Those Hickory nuts are getting the best of me.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I found my license!

Well, the old lady is really loosing it! About three months ago I lost my keys. I looked, but couldn't find them. Having another set, I used them. Then I misplaced my drivers license. Didn't realize it until a couple weeks later. I always keep it in my purse. However, I was going some place that I didn't want to carry my purse. So I took my license out and put it in my back pocket of my jeans. When I washed the jeans, I found the license. A couple weeks later I was going to go somewhere else that I didn't want to take my purse. This time my license wasnt in my purse. Spent a week hunting it. While hunting for my license, I found my keys. Yeah!!!

Before I found the license I had gone to the Sheriff's Office to do my voulnteer job, and asked Sheriff Brown how much trouble I could get into. Well, the first thing he wanted to do was to put me in shackles. He is sooo funny. A day or two later I found it in my car. Usually when I loose something and later find it, I remember putting it there. However, this time I don't remember putting it in my car. Boy, I'm really getting old. I guess it better than being dead.

It is to be hot again today. Need to take Snookums for her walk while it's still not too hot. Also need to rake the Hickory nuts in the yard today. If it's too hot, I may not get it finished. The leaves will start falling pretty soon. Then it will really be a mess. That's why I need to keep the nuts cleaned up.

Talked to Lu Ann last evening. She needs curtains for her house. Sometime soon, I plan to go to her house and sew for a week. I'll get as much finished as possible. Snookums is going with me. That will be some trip because she doesn't ride well. I feel all she needs is a few trips to get her accustomed to it. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Joan Anthrop Katz

Today I attended a funeral for a former classmate. Joan Anthrop Katz. Joan has been married to Vincent for a lot of years. They never had any children. Joan was a nurse and a very good one. She was one that took all the "smart" classes in school. Vince took care of her until her organs began to fail. He then took her to the hospital where she died a day or two later.

About a year ago she passed out one evening at home. Vince called 911. Joan woke up 3 or 4 days later with all kinds of tubes coming out of her. Being a nurse she knew immediately this wasn't good. They discovered she had a brain tumor and had removed it. She got better and returned to work part time. Then sometime earlier this year (I believe it was late spring) they found a mass in her chest. At this time she was so weak Vince got her a motorized wheel chair. There was radiation done on the mass, but no Chemo.

But she didn't have any hair, just a little fuzz on her head. Other than that she looked pretty good. There were about 7 girls from our class at the funeral. One coming from Michigan and two from around Indianapolis. So sad. That makes 7 from my class that have died. I think this is the 5th one from cancer.