Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A busy week, this week.

There was confirmation at St. Mary's last night. Levi was confirmed. Man, that will make three times this week that I've gone to mass. Tomorrow is a holy day so that will make the third time. Wow! Am I getting holy or what??!!!!! Gene was his sponsor. He is also Levi's god-father. The church was full and the Hispanic's were there in full force.

The grass needs mowed later today. Have to do some shopping before I get home today. I've been neglecting the inside of the house. Need to clean that later on. No rest for the whicked. (Is that what I am?)

Didn't get to knit-night at B&N. Maybe next week. This Sunday I'm treating Mike and Pam. Those two do a lot of nice things for me. It's time I treat them. We are going to Zydeco's for brunch.

Have started another afghan. I finally finished the first one. I ripped out more than I left in there. It was not a nice one to do. It's very pretty, but not quite right. Altho I don't think anyone will know. One of these days maybe I'll post a picture of it.

The prom season is over or just about over. I've had only one prom dress to alter. Gene and Lori went to a benefit dance a couple weeks ago, and she had purchased a full length dress. She wanted it shortened. I shirred it up and it was really nice. She got lots of compliments on it. Her friend's dress needed fixed, so I did that one, too.

Now I need to get that dust ruffle done for a friend. I need to wrap my mind around that and figure out how I need to do it. Not an easy thing, but there is a solution. Just need to find it, and quickly.

Am doing my time at the jail today. Need to get going.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It wasn't the Earthquake after all.

It looks like I was mistaken when I said the Snookums was bothered by the earthquake. Apparently that was the night I also opened the windows. Because, yesterday I opened the windows again, (had to shut them last evening when it began to rain) but she went out to the garage again to sleep. There are no windows open out there. When I went to bed, I had to shut all of them. She figured it out and came back to the bedroom sometime during the night. When I woke up, there she was. But, last year I opened windows and she didn't to that. So, why this year??? Sometimes I wish she could talk. Then there are times I'm glad she can't. Her bark can be startling enough.

Oh, Annie, I received a call from Lu Ann the other day. Her friend has a site on Etsy and does very well with it. She says it's cheaper than Ebay. It doesn't have the exposure, however. But, I thought I'd try it. I don't have everything figured out yet, but have set up the account, just need to learn to post the pictures and get the description right. Will let you know when it is ready to go. I remember you suggested that to me awhile back. So, lets hope it works. And thanks for that suggestion.

I've had a couple of requests recently for a copy of the Zink Tree. I always like that, because then I get to update their information.

It looks like a yucky day ahead. I guess all days can't be good ones.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Talent Show at McCutcheon

Last night Karli was in a talent show at McCutcheon. It lasted two hours and there were a lot of those numbers that were not of my liking. You know, the rock stuff. Some was hard rock. One of the acts were a couple of older fellows that work at the school. Doug seemed to think there were teachers. I liked their music. Karli did very well. There wasn't any judging, so now winner or looser. Those kids had a good time, and it was all clean fun. Nice job.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Knit night at Barnes & Noble

Last night I went to Barnes & Noble for the knit night. I've started another afghan and took that with me. Didn't get very far because I forgot to take the next color with me. When I arrived at the point I needed to change colors, I had to quit. Duh!! I had thought about the color change and went to get the next color, but as senior citizens sometimes do, I was distracted and didn't get it done.

Annie and Martin and little Anja were there. Martin's mother held Anja all the time I was there. At least until she had to leave. I can't go next week, Levi is being confirmed at St. Mary's. So I will need to be at this confirmation.

I remember before I was married, mother belonged to a sewing circle in the neighborhood. The ladies would mend, tat, knit, crochet or maybe darn, whatever needed to be done. Even tho I was only a teenager, I enjoyed that whenever it was mother's turn to be the hostess. Then after I had some kids, I started one of those in my neighborhood. That was about the time a lot of women started going to work. So, it didn't last very long. But, it was still a lot of fun.

And this at B&N was really nice because I didn't have to clean house, make sure I had something to eat or drink on hand. Did't even have to clean up after them when they left. How nice!

The weather has been very cooperative. I mowed my yard yesterday, even pulled a few weeds in the flowers. Have more weeds to go, it's just not my favorite thing to do. But it was nice to have that lovely day to do it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Beautiful Day!!!!!!!!!

What a lovely day today was. I did a little sewing this a.m. to let it warm up some. Then I pulled weeds for a couple of hours. Very enjoyable day. Will need to mow the grass tomorrow. I need to see what the weather is going to do. Oh, good, Mike Prangley just said the rain looks like it will hold off till Fri. Yeah.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where did Snookums sleep last night????

Snookums slept in her bed last night. Yeah!!! It didn't take her too long to get over it.

Went to church last evening and then to the Bach Chorale Singers show. It made me late getting to bed and late getting up this a.m. Oh, well, I guess I'll live.

Janice Boes was there. She's been there in the past. I always speak to her. Nice lady

Doug left a message on my phone while I was gone last night. Karli is singing in a talent show at McCutcheon on Wednesday. They are charging $3 to get in. Doug was laughing on the phone, cause he knows how cheap I am. But, the county has a program where a senior citizen can get a pass to get into these school functions for free. But, since I live in the city, I can't get one. At the door, I'll ask for a senior discount. Ha! Ha! I've thought of applying for one of those passes and using Doug's address. I'll be up that creek if they ask for ID.

It would be nice if this weather would get just a little warmer. There are some parts of this country that need rain, and here we are, we can't get it to quit.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Earthquake and animals.....

Did this earthquake affect anyone else' animals? Snookums won't sleep in her bed. That's where she was when it struck and last night she slept in the garage.

Friday, April 18, 2008

An Earthquake??!!!!!

Well, I must say, I often wondered what an earthquake was like. I now know. I was awake, just hadn't gotten up. Snookums moved to another room. Maybe she thought she could get away from it that way.

Yesterday was a really nice day. Mowed some of the yard. The flowers are blooming and how nice it is. Fixed ribs on the grill. Yeah!!! I slept with my window open last night. It is to get to 75 today. As soon as I'm finished with the sewing I need to do, I'm going to take Snooks for a long walk.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Okay, I didn't know there was such a thing. But, apparently there is. This post was prompted by Annie. I read her last blog and she talked about web-stalking. It's becoming apparent that company's are reading blogs. People seem to express their delight or disgust with people, places and things on blogs. Well, I 'm here to tell you that what you write is open to be read by all. As did Comcast when they read my blog, and Hooter Hiders when they read Annie's blog.

Frank (the nice fellow at Comcast) told me that he learns a lot from blogs and was hiring more people to just read blogs. So, if you want to complain or send compliments to someone or some company, maybe a blog is the way to go.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I have a new monitor!

Steve was here visiting on Monday. Nice of him. I was showing him something on the computer and he had a fit because I was having so much trouble reading the screen. Especially when I told him I'd been having trouble with my eyes. I was tired a lot, there were little squigglies sometimes, and just want to nap to fix it.

He mentioned his flat screen monitor and how big it is. So, he ordered me one online. It arrived today. And, I'm so happy with myself because I was able to hook it up without help......and it is working!! Now I don't have to lean forward to read it. Nice!!!!! And, thanks to Steve.

It's prom season here. I've had four dresses come in for minor alterations. It's been fun. Yesterday, early evening, a lady (who goes to St. B.) called me. She's been sewing all her life. Has made a business if it for several years. She is 85 and her eyesight is bad enough she now has to give it up. She wanted to know if I would want any of her machines or some of the other stuff she has accumulated over the years. (She said her sewing room looks like Neuwelts.) When she is ready for me, she is going to call me and I am going to go see what she has. She does have an embroidery machine that I just might be interested in. How about that.

Lately I've been looking at them, but just couldn't justify that much money. Hopefully hers will be what I want. Good things do come to those who wait. Well, hopefully, anyway.

Another Hatke/Antonio is born.

Sarah and Andrew have another girl. Brother Gene says she looks a lot like Gracie did when she was born. And Gracie is just beautiful. Anyone wanting to view this new little lady, go to . This is Annie's blog, and she has more pictures. And there is a link to Sarah's. (And to mine, ha, ha, ha!!!!)

Whenever I log on, I go to Annie's. She has links to everyone else'.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Frank, with Comcast, has been a big help!!

When I sopke with Frank yesterday, I was having trouble with my computer. So, later yesterday afternoon I finally got it straightened out. It came up with the Insight screen and features but my Comcast email address. So, now I'm quite happy. My credit card statement came today and there isn't any charge for cable this month. Yeah!!!!! He did just as he said he would do. Nice fellow. So, Frank, if you are reading this, a great big thanks to you!! Nice doin' business with you.

I now have another great-niece. No name yet.

I would complain about the cool weather, but then this summer I'll be complaining about the hot weather. I just can't be satisfied.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Comcast saga continues.

Anything I've heard about Comcast isn't good. I've heard that there are some people at Insight that were very concerned when they heard that Comcast was buying them out. I haven't heard anything more to know how they are feeling about it today.

If you've read one or two of my previous blogs, you know that I haven't been happy Comcast and why. And, if you've kept track, you know that they have been in contact with me. The gentleman with whom I spoke said he credited my account for one months charges. Whenever my Credit Card statement comes, I'll be able to see that.

And, I've decided to go to Outlook for my email format. My address will not change, but the screen will now look different. It won't be the Comcast format. I was going to have to download the Comcast toolbar to get the features I liked with Insight. That will slow down my computer and didn't want to do that. I hope it won't be too difficult to get use to. I spoke with this gentleman this a.m. My computer was hanging up, so we had to continue it until i get it working right. It is doing good now, so will call him tomorrow and finish the procedure. He is a very nice person, and maybe he can be the person the will help give Comcast a better name. That would be nice. He listens to me, passes my suggestions on to the people that need to know. Maybe others ought to complain to Comcast. It couldn't hurt.

Over slept by two hours this a.m. and now everything I did today is off. My meals, just everything. Yuk!!!

About 9 this morning one lady called, the dress I'm altering for her daughter isn't finished and I thought I had more time to get it finished. Well, I've been working on it off and on most of the day. Need to finish it so she can send it to her daughter who goes to school in VA.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Martin's Opinion?

Hey, Annie, what did Martin think of Snookums???

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My constant companion, Snookums