Friday, January 30, 2009

Warm weather, where art thou?

It sure has been cold. I was sick for about a week. My throat was sore, my head plugged up, and I sucked on cough drops for about 6 days.

At the beginning of this winter, I bought me a snow blower. It sure came in handy on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. While I was blowing the snow off the drive, a city snow plow came by. As I was blowing the snow at the end of the driveway, I tried to keep from blowing it back into the street. I see so many people just blow it back into the street. Now, my taxes help pay these people to do their job. Why would anyone want to just throw it back out there. I've always thought that was the most stupid thing anyone could do. Oh, well, just my opinion.

But, I managed to keep it out of the street. Altho, I cleaned off only half the driveway apron. Just enough for me to get in and out. The other half has almost 2 feet of snow. When is it going to warm up?

Now, another comment about that picture I've been trying to get names for. I visited Aunt Mary. She couldn't help much, but did have the first name of Slim Metzinger. Then she suggested I go see Mrs Alvin Buck. She gave me the name of one more man. She also told me that Mrs. Chatham is still alive, and that she is in (she thought) University place. That is something I'm going to do, but not for a week or two. This is getting more interesting by the day.

Snookums likes to romp in the snow, but not for long. Within about 5 minutes, she's heading for the house. She is so graceful when she leaps. It's so pretty. I love to watch her.

For those who don't know, Steve and Kristin are getting married October 10th in Greenwood. She has her dress and we are working on getting the dress for her Maid of Honor, and for Emily. She is going to have Emily and Jacob give her away. Now I have to get ready to put on a rehearsal dinner. When the weather gets warmer, I'm going to go down there and check out the restaruant they suggested, and see what kind of plans I can make.

I didn't do any sewing this month. It was too cold, and that room doesn't heat very well. Also I had classes in Indy for my new machine. There were to be 4 classes, but because of the weather, I missed one. Plan to make that up in March. Now it's time for me to get to work and get the jobs finished that some people are wanting me to do. Had another call this afternoon. It was from a policeman in Thorntown. Wow!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a Day!

Remember the picture I talked about yesterday? Well, there was a young boy in it that I thought looked a lot like Roy Hatke. I called Roy. He had remember being with his dad one day, going home and going past this field where there were a lot of tractors plowing. Daddy was one of the men and Uncle Art stopped to talk to dad. Roy said to call Jim Murtaugh. That Jim pretty much knew a lot of what went on. So, since I was going to go to mass at 4:30, I called and arranged to be at their house at 2;30.

Jim was in the picture. He knew several of the men and even why they were there. Jack Chatum (I'm not sure of the spelling) had three little girls. Two of them got polio. Jim also thought that they later died. So, the neighbors were helping him with his farming.

The big problem I have is that, if Roy was with his dad, this took place in about 1948. But, Henry Krick is in the picture, and he didn't move into the neighborhood until about 1954. So, I still have that mystry to solve.

Jim didn't know all the people. He thought some of the men were from the Buck Creek area. So, I still need to find someone who might know some of those men.

But I feel good about all the info I was able to get.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just Rambling

It's really slick this morning. Just a sheet of ice, everywhere but the grass. I tried to take Snookums for a walk. We walked, but not on the sidewalks or the street. She was falling on the ice. I stayed in the grass as much as possible. After we got up to the school, I let out the leash all 50 feet of it and let her run. Then we headed back home.

It's been a lazy week. Haven't done much. Have been having trouble with my sciatica. Have been to the chiropractor twice this week. Neither walking or sitting were doing it any good. It is much better today.

Chico was here for a few minutes this morning. He brought me a picture that I was hoping I could get a copy of. It was taken sometime about 1954/55 in a cornfield somewhere. Daddy was in it, along with Henry Krick, Marvin Yoder, Gene Moore, Tony Hatke, Everett Berninger, Norb Korty, and Sheldon Pershing. Don't know any of the others, but would love to find out. Tony is the only one that we know that is still alive. The one really young guy looks a lot like Roy Hatke. I need to call him and see. What a neat picture. I'm so happy to get it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two days in a row!

Surprise, surprise, I'm blogging two days in a row.

I had brunch in Mooresville at Zydecos. Steve and Kristin had given me a gift certificate from there for Christmas and I decided to go down today and eat. Kristin joined me and I am stuffed. I had frog legs for an appetizer, stake and fries for my Entree, and banana bread pudding for desert. See why I'm stuffed!!?!!

Steve and Kristin are getting married October 10th, and she wanted names and addresses. I had them ready and forgot to take them. Now I have to email them. It was nice to just be able to sit down and talk to her about whatever.....also the wedding and other stuff.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Even tho it's late, I hope everyone is having a very Happy New Year! I'm hopeful for a good year. One never really knows.

Today is Karli's birthday. She is now 16. Wow!!!!

Usually just before Christmas each year, sometimes just after New Year, I go to a card store and buy cards for the year. The challenge there is remembering who I bought which card for. Most of the time I do well, but there is always a stray or two that I goof on. I buy at least 30 cards. It usually comes to sixty or eighty dollars. This year I went to the Hallmark store and it was something more than that. And then there are some that require a gift besides. Oh, well, it's just money, and I can't take it with me.

I didn't do any sewing this last week. It was nice to have a break. Now it's time to return to the grind. I could get a couple bridesmaids dresses to make. But, still have enough to keep me busy, at least as busy as I want to be. I have two afghans going, a pair of leg warmers in the making, a coat for Snookums, all besides the sewing. But, I do the knitting or crocheting when I sit to watch TV. Eventually I get them all finished. Eric and Katy are expecting, I think in April. I've made a blanket for them and hope to get to go see them sometime. Haven't decided just when. I may wait till after the baby arrives. There are a couple other places I'd like to go see this summer. I'm trying to figure out when I can go.

Was able to walk Snookums this a.m. Some days we don't get to walk, when it's either too cold, or it is raining, and once in awhile, when the wind is blowing really hard. When I get her coat finished, we'll get to walk in colder weather. But rain, probably not. I refuse to make a raincoat for her.

Church is at 4:30 tonight. Then I have someplace to go. Can't tell you where, because it's a surprise.