Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Christmas time! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are we going to get all this bad weather they are predicting? When I took Snookums out the morning, it was cold. It's probably the smart thing to get her walk in before it all hits.

Ya know, it has to be winter. My sister has contacted me twice this week and asked about recipes. That tells me that it's cold enough that it's time to stay in and cook. I'm not going to cook. I'm the only one to eat it and that's no fum.

One of the things Betty told me was that she bought a spring-form pan sometime back and it had on the wrapper the recipe for our Apple Couca. Now, I have my ideas about that. In talking to people that know some German, Kuchen is the name for cake. I believe it's pronounced "Kookun." I think that the reason they have pronounced it couca was that some little kid started saying it that way, and someone thought it was cute, and it just kept on going. But on that new pan she bought was a recipe for Apfelkuchen. After some time to figure it out, she realized it was the exact recipe for the Apple Couca we have had for years. The only difference was that their recipe was doubled. I always doubled it anyway, cause I had so many to feed.

I'm ready for Christmas. Hope everyone else is also. I cheated tho. I put money in cards for the kids and grandkids and great-grandkid. Then got a gift certificate for the name I have in our drawing. So, mine was easy.

I'm wanting to go see some of Alaska this summer. I might be looking for someone to travel with. Anyone interested? The reason I say "might" is that someone else told me a couple of years ago to stop and pick her up on the way. But, she could back out. Just don't know all the details yet. I have a childhood friend living in Alaska, so will go see her and her husband. Probably use that area as a "base." She has already suggested two things to do. Other than those two things, she said just driving around will get us all the scenery we want. That there is so much to see. Even tho the gas prices are so high, it will be the least expensive thing to do. I just hope everything works out that I get to go.

Time for our walk.

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