Sunday, December 2, 2007

The leaf pile is gone!

Yeah!!!!!!!!! I was thinking of calling the city when I heard the motor of the truck coming into the area. How nice to have them gone. Now I need to go out and clean thing up. They didn't really clean up the street. But that's okay. I'm just happy that the huge pile is gone. I had company last weekend and they even remarked about that BIG pile of leaves.

I also need to clean up the yard. I didn't get around to mowing the grass before the grass quit growing. It will seem kinda strange running the mower in December, but it will have to happen that way. This yard will mold over the winter if the grass is too long and/or if there are a lot of leaves left on the grass. Today is kinda warm....wet, but warm. I am going to try to get it done today....if the grass is dry enough to mow. (Can you tell that I really don't like the yard work?)

Yesterday my friend Pam and I went to Rossville. She knew of a new quilt shop opening up out there and she wanted to go see it. Rossville also had "Breakfast in The Village" and their annual craft/Christmas show at the school. We didn't get breakfast, but we went the other two places. One of my neighbor ladies had a booth there, so visited with her for a minute. Just as we were about to call it quits, I ran into a lady (Carolyn) that I knew when I lived out there. Her sister Sharon was with her and Sharon did some babysitting with Lu Ann and Rocky back then. Their mother was there also, and I got to visit with her.

Carolyn told me that Kate Shepard (a ex-next door neighbor) had died about 4 months ago. I had missed that in the Obits. Another lady I had been wondering about, Geneva Shivley, I learned is now in a nursing home. I guess we all get old. But, Pam and I really enjoyed the day.

The Sheriff's office is having their Christmas party on Friday evening this week. That will be the only Christmas party I will be eligible to attend. So, it should be fun.

I need to go look up a sock pattern to knit. I hear that Anna wants to learn to knit socks. The one problem is that she is really close to delivering. We may have to wait a few weeks until she recoveres enough.

I need to take Snooks for a walk. Bye!

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