Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Rocky!!

Just in case Rocky would read this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Today I went to IHOP for lunch. When I first got there, I ran into a lady I use to work with at LVB. Talked to her for a little while. After she left I ordered. Just as my food arrived, another couple eating there got up to leave and it was Jim and Kathy Hatke. They sat down at my table and talked for quite some time. Before they left, Dan Schafer's brother Walter and his wife walked in. A few years ago, I did some sewing for her. So, about the time Jim and Kathy left, I was finished eating, so I went and visited with the Schafers for awhile. I probably spent more than an hour in there. But, enjoyed my day.

Yesterday, Kristin and Carrie (Kristin's Matron-of- honor) came into town to go to David's Bridal and do a little shopping. They asked me to join them. I did. What fun. Some really beautiful gowns. Afterwards we ate at The Hunter's Pub. So, after lunch today, I went to JoAnn's to see what they had. This JoAnn's is not a good store. Too bad that it really is all we have. When we shop for fabric for the attendants dresses, we will go to Indy.

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