Saturday, February 7, 2009

Westfield, IN

As most of you know, I usually go to "Knit Nite" at Barns & Noble on Tuesday evening. One of the ladies was telling about this neat yarn shop in Westfield. (Well, first of all she said Crawfordsville. She couldn't seem to remember where she had been.) So, yesterday I took an old classmate and we went to Westfield. Another old classmate (now I'm not saying old as in age, but old as in the past) lives in Westfield. So I took Mary Lu with me and went to Joan's house first. And while I shopped Mary Lu visited with Joan cause neither had any interest in yarn. After I finished my shopping, we went to lunch at a very nice place close to Joan's house. We had a good time and, yes, I bought me some yarn. More than I need, but it was fun just the same. For some reason I feel I'm a yarnaholic. I bet none of you would guess that. I got home in time for Karli to come here. She is going to a dance the end of the month, and the dress she is wearing needs adjusting. She is such a cutie.

Like an idiot, I didn't take a map with me and almost got lost. I usually go 52 to 47. East on 47 to 421 to 32, and E on 32 to Joan's house. But I tried a different way, and it didn't work. And, without the map, I had to call Joan to correct my error. But we were close enough to Joan's house that she was able to tell us how to get there. You'd think I'd know better than to go on the road without a map. (sigh!!) After I got home I got out a map to find out where I went wrong.

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