Monday, March 16, 2009

A Busy Week

This past week was a busy one. I made three trips to Indy. On Tuesday and Thursday I took my new machine and attended lessons to learn to use this machine. Very beneficial.

Then today, I drove to Avon, and met Kristin and her maid-of-honor Carrie, and we picked out fabric for the wedding dresses. What fun. We ate at the Olive Garden. It was within the same shopping center. Kristin also had samples the colors she will use. That was interesting also. I have an outfit started and I never finished, that I've decided I can wear for this wedding. Am anxious to get to work on these items and this project.

However, I have a few things I need to finish first. Have a bridal gown to shorten, a bridesmaid dress to alter, four blouses to make, a zipper to put in a sweatshirt, a pair of pants to shorten, and a blouse to do a little resewing on, all before I start on this wedding. I need to get moving. Also, have two items that the customers need to pick up.

Then there is the yard work. On Saturday, Levi was over and helped me clean up part of the yard. There is more to do. Last year summer turned to winter overnight, and I didn't get everything cleaned up. The raking really is not good for my back. I'm making him do that. Where they live, they don't rake or pick up, just mow. So, he's learning a lot. He seems anxious to come back. That's nice. I tried to get him to help me last summer, but with his collar bone broken in two places, and the surgery to repair it, he was never well enough to help me.

Then there are these nights when I wake up and can't get back to sleep. Yuk!!! (check the time of this posting) Then I sleep late and, the next day, don't get as much accomplished as I'd hoped. And, life goes on........ They call retirement "The Golden Years." "They" need to find another term for that. Retirement is great, I'm really enjoying it. But, sometimes (when the joints hurt, sleep is illusive and the time flies by so fast, you wonder where it went) that one might wish that it wasn't so "golden." Time to try to get back to sleep.

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