Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun, fun, fun!

It's only Wednesday and it's been a busy week already. At 10:30 Sunday night my phone rings and it's Uncle Ray. Aunt Evelyn was in the hospital and he didn't realize how late it was here. But that is okay. Then he called again Monday evening and she was showing some improvement. He didn't call last night, so I assume she is still improving. Well, maybe he called Betty instead. If he did, she'll let me know.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a lady from church. She has a pair of Roman Shades that aren't long enough. She had purchased some matching fabric and would like for me to lengthen them. Have been doing a little sewing. Went to Knit Nite last night.

Last Thursday a friend from Knit Nite (Dinah) and I went to Indy. I wanted to get some thread for my embroidery machine, and she had been saying that she'd go with me sometime. So, we left about 9 a.m. First went to the JoAnn's. This store has a really nice selection of yarn, at least lots of it. We each bought a skein or two here. She has a restaurant she likes in that area, so we ate lunch there. There is also a knit shop close by, and we just had to stop. On our way back North, we went to Westfield to Stitches and Scones. She found something she liked there also.

We got back home about 4 p.m. It was a really nice day, nice trip, and we both really enjoyed ourselves. I'm surprised she didn't kill me before we got home. Now I need to go sew some more. Have about three items I need to finish.

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