Saturday, November 24, 2007

Leaves, leaves, leaves!!!!

Is it me, or are the leaves falling really fast this year? It seams that blowing those things to the curb is all I've been getting done lately. The pile of leaves in front of my house is HUGE!! The city must be having trouble getting around to pick them up. That pile has been there since before I went to Cleveland. That was almost a month ago. But there aren't very many leaves left on the trees. So, maybe it's about over. I spent three hours straight yesterday outside just trying to clean them up. That isn't easy on an old lady. I was beat when I got finished. Didn't get the extension cord put away, I was that tired.

I have only one Christmas present to buy. I hope everyone is as close to being finished with that as I am.

On Thanksgiving Day I addressed all my Christmas cards. They are ready and I will mail them on Dec 1st. If you want a card from me, you better let me know now.

Today is Bud and Pat DeBoy's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. There is a mass at St. Boniface at 4:30 with a reception immediately following in the gym. It probably will be more like a reunion. That's good. Reunions are always fun.

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