Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pedi Paws

Remember the commercial about Pedi Paws on the TV? Snookums hates to have her nail cut. Someone must have mistreated her. So, when I saw that I ordered one right away. Then I got a note from them saying they had a large volume of orders and mine was on back order. That it would be at least 6 weeks. Well, it arrived today. Now I need to get her familiar with it so she will let me use it on her.

Anyone want any Hickory Nuts???? My yard if FULL of them. I need to mow the grass, but can't until I get it all picked up. I picked some up yesterday. I'm glad I did.


Anonymous said...

Please let me know how your PediPaws works out for you and Snookums. I had thought of ordering one and just hadn't got around to it. Our dog is not crazy about letting us trim her nails either.


Annie said...

can you eat hickory nuts?

Anna May said...

Yes, hickory nuts are good to eat. You still have to crack them and pick them out of the shell. And, you are welcomed to them. You have to be the one to pick them up. I'll watch Anja while you do. Whatever I pick up, I throw away. It's so hard on my back, that if I pick them up, they get tossed.

Let me know when you are coming so I can have Snookums in the house.