Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Week Will Be Busy.

There are several things on the agenda for this week. One of the busiest lately. I have sewing I need to do. Snooks and I haven't been able to walk over the weekend. Should make the walk today a long one. There is a soccer game at CC this afternoon, CC vs McCutcheon. Jacob is coaching CC and Levi is playing for McCutcheon. So, I just have to go watch. After that, Steve and Kristin will be in town. So, need to be home to see them.

Had plenty of sewing last week, and it's stacking up the same for this week. That's good.

Aunt Evelyn hasn't been very good lately. She is in the hospital at Lake Havasu, and is getting better. Talked to Uncle Ray the other evening. Maybe he'll call in a day or two to give us an update.

I keep checking Carmen's blog, but she apparently hasn't had time to post any pictures of Gioia. I know she is busy, but.............Grannie wants to see a picture of her. I guess I'll have to wait till I am able to go see them. Waaaaa!!!

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