Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Christmas Present to Myself,

Yesterday I went to Indianapolis and bought myself a Christmas present. I've been wanting an embroidery machine for a LOT of years. I now have one. But, now I have to learn to operate it. I can't play with it until after I finish curtains for the rebuild cottage, and finish an outfit for Betty. I've offered to make her outfit for her celebration the end of December. But, Gene and Roseanna's curtains come first. And I need to get going on them.

The classes to learn to operate the machine are in January. Not a nice month to have to run to Indy. But, it will work out. And I will enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

You lucky ducky! If you get a chance to play with your new machine, put our curtains on the back burner! I am green with envy!
Now if you get one of those quilting machines I will have to kill you!

Anna May said...

No, no quilting machine. I don't believe in quilting by machine. I feel that hand quilting is the ONLY way to go. But, thanks for the "back burner" comment. I am really concerned about your curtains.

When I learn how to operate this thing better, you'll have to come down and I'll let you play with it.