Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our First Snow!

Our first snow has arrived. It's really pretty out. The snow is very slushy, and of course, wet. I wonder who's snow Mike Prangley is shoveling.

Snookums loved the snow. She just hops around and loves running in it. We didn't stay out very long, but it was fun.

Advent started and St. Boniface didn't have the new books in the pews. I prefer to follow the mass in the book. Every-once-in-awhile I have a problem understand some of the readers, and it is a lot nicer to be able to read what's being read. Maybe next week.

Steve called me yesterday, Kristin's grandpa fell a day or two ago and shattered his right shoulder and hip. He's going to be out of comission for quite awhile. And, Steve is still trying to figure out Christmas schedule and Betty and Duke's celebration. He and Kristin are working at a local restaruant and that means they will need to work sometime. Others need time off as well. We'll just have to wait and see what they decide to do (or not to do).

I bought myself a snowblower this year, and am unable to figure out the spout that throws the snow different directions. It won't turn and I don't want to force it. Tom is to come over later and help me figure out if it's the blower or me. (It'll probably be me, it usually is.)

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