Friday, January 30, 2009

Warm weather, where art thou?

It sure has been cold. I was sick for about a week. My throat was sore, my head plugged up, and I sucked on cough drops for about 6 days.

At the beginning of this winter, I bought me a snow blower. It sure came in handy on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. While I was blowing the snow off the drive, a city snow plow came by. As I was blowing the snow at the end of the driveway, I tried to keep from blowing it back into the street. I see so many people just blow it back into the street. Now, my taxes help pay these people to do their job. Why would anyone want to just throw it back out there. I've always thought that was the most stupid thing anyone could do. Oh, well, just my opinion.

But, I managed to keep it out of the street. Altho, I cleaned off only half the driveway apron. Just enough for me to get in and out. The other half has almost 2 feet of snow. When is it going to warm up?

Now, another comment about that picture I've been trying to get names for. I visited Aunt Mary. She couldn't help much, but did have the first name of Slim Metzinger. Then she suggested I go see Mrs Alvin Buck. She gave me the name of one more man. She also told me that Mrs. Chatham is still alive, and that she is in (she thought) University place. That is something I'm going to do, but not for a week or two. This is getting more interesting by the day.

Snookums likes to romp in the snow, but not for long. Within about 5 minutes, she's heading for the house. She is so graceful when she leaps. It's so pretty. I love to watch her.

For those who don't know, Steve and Kristin are getting married October 10th in Greenwood. She has her dress and we are working on getting the dress for her Maid of Honor, and for Emily. She is going to have Emily and Jacob give her away. Now I have to get ready to put on a rehearsal dinner. When the weather gets warmer, I'm going to go down there and check out the restaruant they suggested, and see what kind of plans I can make.

I didn't do any sewing this month. It was too cold, and that room doesn't heat very well. Also I had classes in Indy for my new machine. There were to be 4 classes, but because of the weather, I missed one. Plan to make that up in March. Now it's time for me to get to work and get the jobs finished that some people are wanting me to do. Had another call this afternoon. It was from a policeman in Thorntown. Wow!!

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