Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Company in Town.

Dan and Lu Ann are due in town tomorrow. A niece of Dan's is getting married on Saturday. Carmen is in the wedding and she and the two kids are flying into Indy tomorrow also. Dan and Lu Ann are suppose to get into the area in enough time to pick them up at the airport.

Carmen's dress needs altering. Guess who gets to do that!! She shipped it on Friday and it is to arrive today. Then I will really be busy.

Lu Ann has made an appointment for Thursday with a photographer to have our Four Generations of Women picture taken. I'll have to try to post it when I get my copy. I'm excited about this.

A couple of weeks ago Steve and Kristin and kids were in town and I was able to go eat with them. She brought me the fabric and patterns for the bridesmaids dresses for their wedding. So, that is now looming. Emily's I really can start for at least another month. The maid-of-honor dress I could start on soon. Just need to see how the pattern fits Carrie.

Steve is now an AFLAC agent. He has been trying to get accounts in Lafayette. He said that he would have a better chance of seeing family more often. I'm happy about it. Hope others are also.

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