Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a day!!

It's nice to have family home. Last Wednesday Dan and Lu Ann came to Lafayette. Before they came here they went to Indianapolis to pick up Carmen and the kids. Dan has a niece getting married today and Carmen is in the wedding. Also, her dress needed altering. The skirt has three layers and that outside layer is lovely, but the fabric walks when one is working with it. I measured it on her and marked it. Then I cut it and started sewing. But when I cut that outside layer of fabric, I cut it too short in the back, by about an inch and a half. Wow! Now what?

I worked with it all day yesterday. At some point Lu Ann called to see how the dress was coming. Finally, late in the day, she told Carmen. Carmen suggested she just wear flats instead of heels. GREAT!!! Problem solved. Within about one hour the dress was fixed. By this time my nerves were a mess. Then Carmen came and tried it on and it was perfect even with her heels. Apparently I cut it too long. What a mistake I made. I was thrilled to death. All that worrying for nothing. Yes! Yes! Yes! I still wasn't completely happy with that outer skirt, but that stuff is nasty to work with. She seemed happy with the results. At this point I'm not complaining.

Carmen had made an appointment with a photographer to have our "Four Generations of Women" picture taken. I will try my luck at posting whenever I get my copy. Gioia is just the cutest thing. She has big blue eyes and and the cutest smile and is just gorgeous. I know, I'm G-grandma, but when you see, you will agree she is just plain cute. The photographer was Ed Lausch and he really enjoyed doing this for us. He couldn't get over how well behaved her two children are. Lots of pics were taken. Even some with Dan, Lu Ann and the two kids. Those will be treasured photo's some day. They should be on Lausch's website about Wednesday. The username is Coston, and the password is the date. I'm not too sure how he does that, if there are dashes or just the numbers. I guess we'll find out.

I think Sunday night we are all going bowling. I don't bowl, so I will just visit. Dan and Lu Ann are taking Carmen and kids to the airport on Tuesday and then they will go home from there. A very busy time, but am enjoying it emensely. I always enjoy it when they are here.

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