Monday, June 29, 2009

A prayer for Cole is my request today.

On Sunday, while playing on playground equipment at a church picnic, Cole fell fell off of whatever he was playing on. He fell about three feet, hitting the back of his head on something ( they believe it was a bar). He was rushed to an emergency room, and later transferred to a children's hospital in Norfolk. They are keeping him for three days, as 72 hours is the most critical for the brain to begin to bleed. He has a 2 cm indentation in the back of his head.

He is a little cranky because of the pain, but otherwise is alert and talking. Carmen and Caleb have been with him most of the time. When the hospital changes shifts, they can't be in the room with him. So, today when the shift was changing, Carmen's best friend, who is watching Gioia, brought Gioia to the hospital so Carmen and Caleb could be with her for awhile and, at that time, they also got something to eat.

Their church family is helping them. Most of the church members were there to see this, and they all seemed to have offered to help. The remark I heard was that they have more help than they need. But, that isn't all bad.

They are asking for prayers for Caleb, Carmen, Cole and the doctors.

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Sarah said...

We'll be praying! That is so scary -- glad to hear he is doing well, though!