Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just talking!!!

On Tuesday this week, Mary Mailloux and I went to Westfield to see Joan Lods. Joan drove us to Noblesville for lunch. That seems to be a nice little town. Kinda quaint, but neat. Had a really nice time.

Blowing leaves to the curb has been keeping me busy. Between my next door neighbor and I we have a HUGE pile of leaves at the curb in front of my house. The neighbor lives on the outside of the curve and they don't have a lot of room to park vehicles. And since I have only one car and it is parked in the drive all the time he decided to use my pile to put his leaves on. Leaving their curb space for parking. That is the reason the pile is so large. I saw him the other day, raking some of my leaves and putting them at the curb. How nice of him. I sure didn't stop him.

Have to go to Steve's today. Emily's birthday party is this afternoon. Usually go to mass on Saturday late afternoon. I guess I'll go tomorrow. Didn't do much yesterday. I'll just have to get busy today and finish tomorrow, after church. Oh well!

Took Snookums for her walk already this a.m. She knows when I'm getting ready to go out with her. She just jumps around she is so excited. When I'm going out to blow the leaves or rake the Hickory Nuts, I take her out and tether her to a tree. She doesn't like being tethered, but she likes being outside.

Last Saturday my friend Pam came around to show me a quilt she had pieced. She had gone that morning to pick it up from the quilters. Pam had pieced it, but someone else had machine quilted it. All the pieces were one and a half inches square. All the seams matched perfectly. The main color was blue and she still had to put the outside trim on. But it is really beautiful. I wouldn't have had the patients to sew ALL those little squares. I wish she had had it hand quilted. But, it takes so much more time.

Need to go do some dishes. My dishwasher is broken, so have to do them by hand.

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