Monday, November 5, 2007

A working visit with Lu Ann

October 27 Snookums and I went to see Lu Ann and Dan. She needed curtains made for the upstairs bedrooms. Some of the kids are going to be home over Thanksgiving and she wanted the windows covered. So, I packed up two of my sewing machines, Snookums and all her stuff, clothing enough for me for 8 days, and off we went. I arrived back yesterday about 3 in the afternoon.

The trip was uneventful and Snookums did okay. I had asked the Vet for something to give her to calm her down. She will bark at everything both ways if i hadn't. After about three hours she would get tired and lay down....then see something and bark.....then lay down again. The medication would wear off about an hour before arriving. But other than that she did okay. Getting all the stuff in my car in the middle seat was the challenge. But, I managed to do it.

I was able to get 9 windows covered before I left. Lu Ann had taken Friday off. We did have to hang a couple things on Friday morning. Then we went to a tea house for lunch. She had to stop at Wal*Mart, but I don't remember what we got. There is something we bought, but I can't tell just in case Carmen reads this. It is for Caleb and Cole for Christmas. Hopefully I'll remember to tell all of you after Christmas. Someone remind me if I forget.

Dan had gone to Dallas on Sunday afternoon and returned on Friday afternoon. We all went out to eat Friday evening. On Saturday Lu Ann had to help Dan some. He is building a deck on the back of the house and needed someone to hold boards and things like that. So, I loaded up as much of my stuff as I could. Then finished it on Sunday morning and left for home.

A very enjoyable visit, even if I work the most of the time. And Snookums is really glad to be back home.

Have lots of catching up to do. The yard is full of leaves. Still need to trim back the rose bushes and I am going to pack some of the leaves around the bushes for the winter. They make good insulation. The rest need to be blown to the street. Some of the neighbors have already done that. Now I need to catch up. The inside is dirty too. Have been cleaning all morning and watering plants. It almost doesn't pay to be gone. Had the mail held and it will come sometime soon. Then I'll have to pay the bills that are in it. I hope there is money in that mail to cover those bills.

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