Sunday, November 11, 2007

That Blooming Christmas Cactus

My Christmas Cactus starting getting buds on it right after I brought it in from being outside all summer. It does that every year. It's kinda frustrating because then it blooms at Halloween rather than Christmas.....or even Thanksgiving. The buds were about to burst when I left for Lu Ann's. When I got home they were in full bloom. Never-the-less, it is gorgeous. The blooms are a bright red with a touch of orange.

I don't like this weather. If it has to be rainy, why can't it be warm, or so cold it snows. I really don't like it this way.

I was to go to a baby shower today. But Annie went into labor on Friday and they called off the shower. I took my gift to Gene and Roseanna's on my way to church last evening. Ben's "moving" truck is parked at the curb. There is so much going on there right now.

My friend Pam dropped by yesterday about noon. She pieced a quilt and brought it for me to see. All tiny square pieces in various shades of blue. it is beautiful. She still has to put the binding around the outside. THAT WAS A LOT OF SEWING! I like to sew, but I don't think I have that kind of patients.

The wind has died down and Snookums needs to go for a walk. It't not going to get any warmer, so it's time I do that.

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