Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!!??!!!!

Church, for me, is usually late Saturday afternoon. Last saturday while at church I saw Martin and Annie come in with Anja. After mass was over, I was able to see this little sweetie. She smiled (most cry when they look at me).

When it's this cold outside, I usually stay in. And, that's what I've done the last few days. Kinda boring, but Snookums keeps me company and keeps me going out about 4 or 5 times a day. I did go out yesterday to go to the grocery.

Keeping my spools of thread organized is quite a chore. I'm trying to put strips of wood on the wall, and it's not going very quickly. (But, I get very impatient.) Then I want to put dow rods in the wood to hold the spools. The wood is bowing, so have to use screws instead of nails. Need to predrill the holes so the wood doesn't split. What a pain.

Duke ripped the wood for me on Friday. I also had a nice visit with Betty and Duke. Don't get to see them very often, so it was a really nice visit.

Have some sewing jobs I need to get finished. One is for the lady that came here over a year ago to work at Home Hospital as a lab tech. When her contract was up, she moved back to western Illinois. So, now when I finish her stuff, I have to send it to her. Kind of a pain, but she is thrilled and pays for all of it. So, who am I to complain.

Another person I made a shirt for last summer, brought me fabric for another shirt and said she doesn't need it until February. Well, February is almost here, so now I have to get that finished. Another lady wants me to make some kind of a dust ruffle for her bed. And I wanted my winter project to be picture orgainzing. I also need to sweep and dust this house. Oh, well. No rest for the whicked. My guess is, I'll live thru it.

Does anyone know of anyone that has traveled thru Canada? Have been wanting to travel that way, but someone tells me that there is nothing to see but trees, trees and more trees. Unless one goes to the West Coast or the East Coast. In between it just trees. If anyone can help me with this info, let me know. Thanks.

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Sam said...

I've been in Canada once. We drove in from Maine and headed west to near Michigan and dropped south.

I can't tell you about central Canada. I can tell you that around Quebec, it is sometimes difficult to navigate because french is the first language. Those signs go by fast when you notice the french ones first and then have to try to a) figure out what that means in english or b) try to find the english sign below it (usually below it).

But, as I said we were just driving through. I don't remember it being only trees. Then again, you all in Indiana don't know how cool your trees are. It is the first thing I start mentioning to my kids once we get past the prairies...they get pretty sick of hearing it...can't imagine why.