Saturday, January 26, 2008

Okay, okay, I'll post again!!

Hey, Annie, how does one post when there isn't anything to post about?!! I don't like cleaning either. But, you are right, once it's that way, it easier to keep it. A lot more fulfilling too, right?

On Thursday I went to my volunteer job. Had to get right home because I had a repair guy coming to fix my dishwasher. It hadn't been working for about a year. It was only a stuck valvue. It wouldn't allow water to fill. I'm not really sure I like dishwashers. Over time they leave a film on everything. That was one of the reasons I started washing them by hand. So, if anyone knows how to fix that, let me know.

But, my kitchen is a lot neater since it's fixed. That is because I have a place to put the dirty ones until there are enough dirty ones to run it. One other time when this repair guy was here, he said not to use the gel's in the dishwasher. They cause the yuk to build up and this clogges the holes in the sprayer arms. So, I went back to the granules (spelling?).

It's been too cold lately to take Snookums for her walk. Today is to get to about 20 degrees. Maybe I'll get her out for a short walk.

What ever happened to the degree symbol on the keyboard????? Now I have to spell it out. If there is one there, and I'm too blind to see it, someone tell me where it is. Or, how to use another character for that.

I've been keeping busy crocheting. I'm still working on that afghan. I'll have to take a picture of it and then post it (provided I can figure out how to do that). It is really pretty. It's in browns with a little green. They aren't my choice of colors, but should be good for where it's going. I've been wanting to make this particular afghan for about 9 years. I think I'm about half finished. I'm planning on another one when I'm finished with this one. I think that one will be black to dk. gray, to medium gray, to lt. gray to white. I may put a touch of red just for a little color. But, I think I'll knit that one.

Doug just called.....Karli is singing at Harrison in about half an hour. I'm going to try to make it.

I'm hoping to get to church this afternoon. I like going to that mass.


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