Monday, January 28, 2008

Karli received two golds.

On Saturday Karli got two golds for her singing. One was for her solo and the other for a group. Now she goes to the state competition. There were a lot of people there. I'm not sure of the area this competition served, but it must have been huge. I'm hoping I'll get to go to the state to see her.

We had a pretty warm day yesterday. It is to be even warmer today. Maybe the rest of the snow will melt. And maybe I'll have to do a little work in the yard. Yuk.

Snookums and I took a nice long walk. It's tough to take her out when it's so cold. I'm going to have to make her a coat. She doesn't have much of a coat of her own. Her stomach is really bare. Hay, Annie, are you able to walk the dog and Anja at the same time?

Steve had offered to watch Snookums while I went on my trip to Alaska. But, Jerry is having surgery on Thursday and will be in a body cast for six months. Steve doesn't want him to have to go to a nursing home, so he is going to come and live at his house and take care of him. So, I guess I'll have to find someone else to watch Snookums. Does anyone know anyone that might watch her?

Lu Ann called me this weekend. She was out buying fabric for some windows and needed to know how to figure how much to get. Now I wonder if I'll have to go over and help her make them. She needs to have her serger fixed so I don't have to take mine. What a talent I have, it takes me all over the country. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Annie said...

Aha, I'm not sure about that. You see, we don't have the dog right now. He left when Anja was born and will be coming back on Feburary 8th, but I think it's only going to be for 10 days while Martin's mom is in Ireland. And no, I don't think I'll be walking him with Anja at the same time. However, we're planning to get our own dog in the spring and then I'll have to work something out. Probably I'll just wear Anja in a sling and walk the dog normally. That's the nice thing about slings, they free up your hands! Congrats to Karli!