Saturday, August 9, 2008


When it comes to this computer, I sometimes feel really stupid. Then there are those who've told me that I do really well with it. But, I want the world to know that I'm really getting better. I had a problem getting to a certain spot. Had someone help me with it twice. I finally figured out that I have to type in a name on the one window, in order to get to where I need to be. Hoorah for me, I figured it out Friday night. Oh, do I feel good about that one.

Tomorrow is reunion day for us siblings. I'm baking an Apfelkuchen (that's the German spelling) to take.

Ttthhaaaaats all folks!


Anonymous said...

Anna May: Your apfelkuchen was wonderful....everyone raved about it. I don't have the recipe....could you email it to me?
We had a wonderful time tonight, didn't we? I'm heading up to bed now...I hope I sleep better tonight and I hope you do, too!!

Anna May said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, i will send that recipe to you. Check your email.