Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not much today.

Remember my post about the abused lady with child? Well, I saw her driving his vehicle the other day. My guess is, she is back with him.

No news from Carmen. I hope Lu Ann calls me when she's on her way to Norfolk.

Have been working on the Hatke genealogy. When I was home with my back surgery, I borrowed Cyl Senesac's book. I put that part of the Hatke's on my computer in short form because it was the quickest and I wanted to get her book back to her. I'm just now getting it from short form to long form. Finished that family last evening. It's doubled the book size. Betty proof's it for me. The one big problem is I don't have the original to proof it all. Maybe Cyl will let me borrow it again.

We sure have had some very nice days lately. I haven't run the AC for I think 6 days.

Hi Roseanna!!

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