Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Memories resurrected!!

After years pass, we remember, yet there are some things we forget. This morning as I was walking Snooks, I witnessed an incident down the street where the male friend (husband or boyfriend, I'm not sure) dropped the woman and child off at her parents house. She was crying, also yelling at him while he drove away before she shut the door. So, it was flapping in the wind. I asked if I could help. I watched to make sure she got in the house, she did. Her remark to me was that he had hit her for the last time.

It brought back memories that I really don't want to remember. We just never know, do we????

I have to do the "dog walking" early in the morning these days. That way it's not too hot.

I went to Culver's yesterday for lunch. Doug was there driving a city truck. He was glad to see me. Ha! Ha!!!

Annie, Martin and Anja were at B&N last night. They didn't stay long because Annie forgot a needle and couldn't do what she wanted to do. Also, Anja was beginning to get tired. Shari didn't come either. A small group last night.

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