Saturday, August 16, 2008

What A Day!!

It was a busy day yesterday, yet I didn't get much done. It was a Holy Day, so I had to go to church. Mass was at 12:10. Then I wen to Roseanna's to help her get an apron put together that she is making. This is the apron she had asked me to make a pattern for. (Not good English, I know. Sorry if I've offended anyone.) I knew when I did it, that I probably didn't get all the instructions the way she needed them. So, now we are critiquing it.

Then I had to be back home in time for a friend to arrive and help me with some computer glitches that I sometimes get myself into. That took 2 hours. A lot of glitches, huh?? After she left I needed to get me something to eat. I still hadn't had lunch and by this time it's almost 4 p.m. Soon after that I developed a headache (I do that when I wait too long to eat.) Then I fell asleep in the lawn chair. (You know, tummy full, tired.....)

After all that, and after I had my shower, I fixed myself a Margaretta. Wow, what a day!! Roseanna called me somewhere around 9 p.m. to tell me she was finished with the apron. Yeah!!!! Success feels good, doesn't it, Roseanna?!!!

Now, I'm going to get some more items on Etsy. Anyone want to see this website, go to . Everything on this site must be hand made. There is quite a varity. It might be fun to browse.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Anna May!
Roseanna, the Apron Queen

Anna May said...

Oh, so that's what you are. So glad you finished it. Tell Annie I want to see the finished product sometime.