Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some Grandkids Not Getting Home for Christmas.

Talked to Lu Ann last night. None of her kids are going to be here for Christmas. So sad!!! Matt has to work, so does Caleb. Eric and Katy are going to Colorado. Her dad has rented some cabins and they are going to go skiing. Katy is pregnant, lets hope she takes the small slopes. Lets hope next Christmas will be very different.

There isn't enough snow to blow, so I haven't used my new blower yet. I bought it just in time. The ole back isn't going to be able to take the shoveling any more. I like the snow, but not the cold that comes with it. My car is great in the snow, so far, I've always been able to get where I need to go. That's why I bought the Subaru. They claim that their "All Wheel Drive" is better than all the 4 wheel drives. I can't do "donuts" with this car. Boo hoo!!

It's time to walk Snookums.

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