Saturday, January 3, 2009


Even tho it's late, I hope everyone is having a very Happy New Year! I'm hopeful for a good year. One never really knows.

Today is Karli's birthday. She is now 16. Wow!!!!

Usually just before Christmas each year, sometimes just after New Year, I go to a card store and buy cards for the year. The challenge there is remembering who I bought which card for. Most of the time I do well, but there is always a stray or two that I goof on. I buy at least 30 cards. It usually comes to sixty or eighty dollars. This year I went to the Hallmark store and it was something more than that. And then there are some that require a gift besides. Oh, well, it's just money, and I can't take it with me.

I didn't do any sewing this last week. It was nice to have a break. Now it's time to return to the grind. I could get a couple bridesmaids dresses to make. But, still have enough to keep me busy, at least as busy as I want to be. I have two afghans going, a pair of leg warmers in the making, a coat for Snookums, all besides the sewing. But, I do the knitting or crocheting when I sit to watch TV. Eventually I get them all finished. Eric and Katy are expecting, I think in April. I've made a blanket for them and hope to get to go see them sometime. Haven't decided just when. I may wait till after the baby arrives. There are a couple other places I'd like to go see this summer. I'm trying to figure out when I can go.

Was able to walk Snookums this a.m. Some days we don't get to walk, when it's either too cold, or it is raining, and once in awhile, when the wind is blowing really hard. When I get her coat finished, we'll get to walk in colder weather. But rain, probably not. I refuse to make a raincoat for her.

Church is at 4:30 tonight. Then I have someplace to go. Can't tell you where, because it's a surprise.

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