Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a Day!

Remember the picture I talked about yesterday? Well, there was a young boy in it that I thought looked a lot like Roy Hatke. I called Roy. He had remember being with his dad one day, going home and going past this field where there were a lot of tractors plowing. Daddy was one of the men and Uncle Art stopped to talk to dad. Roy said to call Jim Murtaugh. That Jim pretty much knew a lot of what went on. So, since I was going to go to mass at 4:30, I called and arranged to be at their house at 2;30.

Jim was in the picture. He knew several of the men and even why they were there. Jack Chatum (I'm not sure of the spelling) had three little girls. Two of them got polio. Jim also thought that they later died. So, the neighbors were helping him with his farming.

The big problem I have is that, if Roy was with his dad, this took place in about 1948. But, Henry Krick is in the picture, and he didn't move into the neighborhood until about 1954. So, I still have that mystry to solve.

Jim didn't know all the people. He thought some of the men were from the Buck Creek area. So, I still need to find someone who might know some of those men.

But I feel good about all the info I was able to get.


Anonymous said...

Hey, good detective work. My first reaction to the suggestion that the young boy might be Roy was that Uncle Art would have died by then (also seeing Henry there...which logic says dates the picture to mid 50's), but if it was in fall of '48 it could have been Uncle Art and Roy. Is Uncle Art the one with all the hair and no hat?

Would Tony know much more?


Anna May said...

Tony was one of my suggestions. And, we haven't talked to him yet. But, since Jim Murtaugh said he thought some of those on the right in front might be from Buck Creek, I thought I'd get in touch with Donna Misner. Also, maybe Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary might be able to give us a better time line.

Roy says that's not him, or is Uncle Art in there. He said that nothing like that took place that day. But, Jim first said he thought it was the late 40's. Again, that leaves the question of Henry Krick.

I'm going to go to your email and send you the names I have.

TusaRebecca said...

Here's the hooded baby sweater that zips up the back!

Anna May said...


Thanks you so much for this. I will go right now and get it.