Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just Rambling

It's really slick this morning. Just a sheet of ice, everywhere but the grass. I tried to take Snookums for a walk. We walked, but not on the sidewalks or the street. She was falling on the ice. I stayed in the grass as much as possible. After we got up to the school, I let out the leash all 50 feet of it and let her run. Then we headed back home.

It's been a lazy week. Haven't done much. Have been having trouble with my sciatica. Have been to the chiropractor twice this week. Neither walking or sitting were doing it any good. It is much better today.

Chico was here for a few minutes this morning. He brought me a picture that I was hoping I could get a copy of. It was taken sometime about 1954/55 in a cornfield somewhere. Daddy was in it, along with Henry Krick, Marvin Yoder, Gene Moore, Tony Hatke, Everett Berninger, Norb Korty, and Sheldon Pershing. Don't know any of the others, but would love to find out. Tony is the only one that we know that is still alive. The one really young guy looks a lot like Roy Hatke. I need to call him and see. What a neat picture. I'm so happy to get it.

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