Sunday, April 19, 2009


My cousin Louise called me a week ago. Haven't heard from her in about five years. I have a picture of her dad as a baby. I had wanted to get it to her brother who is still here in town. But a few years back, she brought me copies of a couple pictures that had been left by her mother. I hadn't ever seen these pictures. I really wanted to get the picture of her dad to her instead of her brother.

About a month ago I wrote her to see if she wanted me to send it to her, or if she was going to be in town anytime soon. She called and said to get it to one of Bernie's girls. Can't remember which one. But, on my way to Lu Ann's one of these days, I'll stop in Fort Wayne and take it to him. Louise said she is the one that is interested in the genealogy and old pictures, and the stories to go with them.

We talked for two hours. She is enjoying life in Jacksonville, Fl.

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Annie said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!! I haven't read your blog in so long!! I must've missed it one of the first times I checked blogs after we set up this new computer... so it didn't change color with the rest of the blog links I regularly read. (If that doesn't make sense, don't worry.) I kept overlooking the link! Now it will be the right color and I'll start reading it regularly again. Hope you had a great birthday!