Friday, April 10, 2009

Some day I had!!

Why is it that I'm always doing something, but nothing gets done? Maybe it's because I prefer to knit or crochet, so what I get done doesn't show. Oh, well, I'm retired and I intend to enjoy it.

Finished one afghan, and started on another. This one is just one big granny square. For the sake of surprise, I can't tell you who it is for, or what colors it is. Hopefully I'll remember to tell you after I finish it and give it to the lucky (!!????) recipient.

Yesterday I received a phone call, and it was from a gentleman in Quincy, IL. He had fallen and couldn't get up. When it all was finally unraveled, it was the husband of a lady who had me do some sewing for her. She had moved back to western Illinois, and apparently my phone number was the first in line on their cell phone. (Probably because my name starts with an "A.") Why he didn't call 911 is a mystery to me, and to the Lafayette dispatcher with whom I spoke. In between phone calls with myself and LPD dispatch, the wife came home and the problem was solved. She later called me to thank me. What a day!!!

I'm hoping to hear from Lu Ann soon. Maybe those reading this will remember that Katy (Eric's wife) is due on the 30th. As we all know, she could go anytime. Katy told me it is a girl and they are naming her Kyla Patricia. Now all we need is a birth date.

For those of you who would be interested, Carmen posted yesterday. And there are a couple of cute pictures. Go look!!

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