Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Levi and Karli's soccer schedule

Well, I finally got the time of three soccer games. I had to ask for it. Doug just doesn't get the schedules to me. Karmine says she reminds him. He's just like his dad....if you don't do it for him, it doesn't get done.

Another person I talked to today said they heard Karli sing the National Anthem last week. He was impressed. The girl is good!!!

I also found out that Jacob is coaching CC's soccer team. Got a hair cut today. Karmine knows more news.

Anyone want any Hickory Nuts?? They are falling fast. You can have them for just picking them up. When I pick them up, I pitch them. I was just out picking them up. Was out there for half an hour and am tired. Will have to pick up more tomorrow. Yuck!!

Mike Lockard came by today. He was missing about 5 or 6 names on our 8th grade graduating picture. He knew I'd know them. He also had an article that appeared in the J&C in the fall of 1957. Alida Seimers and another gal went to Holland for a visit. We scaned it and sent it to Alida.

In my decluttering, I found an article about Civil Defense that appeared in the paper in 1978. Sam Hughes was in it. A Ted Bumbleburg was also in it. Have been finding some real gems as I sift thru things. I keep asking myself why I kept all this stuff. But at the same time, it's fun going thru it. Lots of memories. I guess that's what we "old" people live for???

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