Sunday, September 2, 2007


I hope I've spelled it correctly. But is has taken me most of the week to get my energy back. Have had some headaches also. Hope it's only the pollen. Time will tell.

Have been taking it easy this week. Have done a little sewing. Need to get to my flower beds. They are a mess. But the Hickory Nuts are falling and now it takes me twice as long to mow the grass as it did in the spring.

Snookums keeps pestering me. She wants to go for a walk. Poor thing, she is so mistreated. The lady that I got her from was here the other day. She had some sewing for me to do. She was quite impressed with the changes in Snookums. She is pleased that she got a good home.

Have been reading other peoples blogs. Anna's is always very interesting. She even posts pictures. I need to learn to do that. Then I can post pictures of all my old lady friends. And you young folk can stick your finger down your throat and act like you are vomiting. Ha!

I'm hoping Steve comes in town today. Haven't seen him since July. It would be nice.

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