Thursday, September 27, 2007

A visit with Mrs. Foster

When I visited with Mrs Foster (my high school Home Ec. teacher) last April, I told her I'd come back and get her and bring her to my house to show her the flowers I make out of ribbon. On Labor Day I called her number and got on answer. That concerned me. Last week called her again....this time she answered. She is now living in the Assisted Living part of Westminster Village. She has given up her "cottage" and feels it was the right thing to do. She was probably moving when I called on Labor Day. Now 97, she has to use a walker.

When I first called her a week ago, she was willing to come here. But, when I called her to tell her I could do it on Thursday, she decided it wasn't the thing to do to come here. That it would be too much for me to help her get around. So, I packed up some of my things and went to see her. She had to hear about our reunion this year. And, a lot of the girls she remembered. She is fraile, slow to get around and said she's about to call it quits.

As I was leaving her today she asked me not to be sad when she goes, but be happy that she had a good life. And she hopes that some night she goes to bed and doesn't wake up. She thanked me again for coming over. I enjoyed the visit very much. She is always very gracious.

Just found out that another of my ex-classmates has died. Cancer was the cause. That makes 7 out of my class that are gone.

I'm replanting some flowers in my yard. Tom is going to take me to get trellis' today. Need something for my Clematis to grow up on. I also have a Wisteria that needs something for it to vine out on. Hope I find something that will work. Haven't done any sewing for a few days. Need to get to that too. Such is life.

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