Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not much of an update!

Still not much going on......just the same old thing. However, my plantar Fasciitis is slo-o-w-l-ly getting better. My chiorpractor seems to be doing me the most good.

Went to the Apple/Popcorn Festival yesterday. Nice day, nice walk and bought me a couple of things. One booth was roses made of wood shavings. I got me a bouquet for $8.50. And it won't die, I don't have to water it, and it will last forever. All I have to do is dust it. Oh, my favorite thing to do!!! I was really looking for an older fellow that I bought an item from last year. It was a round platform, made of wood, with casters. They are made to put potted plants on. They are really nice. But, I couldn't find him. I need to see if I still have his buisness card. Had a polish sausage for lunch and then came home.

Snookums wants to go for a walk. She needs that. Didn't get her out yesterday.

I also need to get to my bushes and yard. It's really too late to trim the bushes. Have some flowers I want to move around. This is the time of the year to do that. Also want to go to Chico's. He has a white Lilac bush that came from the farm. He said I could have a start. And now is the time to do that. Never finished weeding my one flower bed. Boy, is it a mess. Will let the frost do it now. Hope I have more time for that next year.

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