Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why am I posting???

There isn't anything to post about. It's been snowy and cold and just plain yucky. Went for a walk today for the first time in days. I've had sewings to do and just didn't feel like doing it. Shame on me. The sewing room has been so cold that I didn't want to stay there very long at a time. Thru December and January I was leaving the lights on to help with the heat. When my electric bill came in, it was over a hundred dollars. So, I shut off the lights. Then the gas bill came in. Another biggie. I just never stops.

I have tulips coming up! What kind of weather are we having??

Saw in the paper where a Janet Klutzke died. Her mother was a Hatke. I did make a note of it in the genealogy.

Steve tells me that Jerry did okay Thursday. That he probably will get to come home on Monday.

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