Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas to me!

Last night was my Christmas with my kids. We met at Doug and Karmine's. What a nice time. All of my kids showed up. Lu Ann and Dan were here. And Steve and Kristin and her two kids (Emily and Jacob) . Steve had given Kristin a diamond back the last of April or the first of May. Last night they told us they are getting married October 10th. It will take place at Greenwood, IN. He told us where, but I don't remember. Someplace I've never heard of.

None of Lu Ann's kids made it. Caleb had to work, Matt had to work, and Eric and Katy went to Colorado where her dad had cabins rented. They were to be here this year, but went there instead. Dan brought his laptop, and they rigged Doug's computer so they could Skype with Carmen and Caleb. That was really fun. Cole is famillar with this. They Skype all the time. Now Doug wants what it takes to Skype with Carmen. Dear Doug, he is such a sweetie.

Marilynn's sister, Pam, was here visiting, and she came too. It was nice to have her because I wanted a picture of everyone. This way we had someone else that could take pictures that wasn't family. Not a bad picture either.

I got home about 11:40 last night. I was really tired, too. I took Snooks out to pottie, got my shower and went to bed.

Today is Betty and Duke's celebration. That starts about 5:30. Still have a little sewing to do before I can go. Need to get to that.


Annie said...

I'm glad you came to Christmas at my parents' house! Nobody told us you were coming (nobody ever tells us anything) and if we'd known, we would have gotten you something. :( Oh well, hope you had fun! I also didn't get any of your apple deliciousness because I forgot to take home my plate of leftovers, and everyone knows that if you forget your leftovers, too bad, PeterXavier eats them all.

Anna May said...

Yes, I enjoyed myself. I always enjoy being where there is lots to see and do. And there was lots there to do there. Don't worry about not getting anything for me, I didn't have anything for you. I realize thats not the idea, but I would have felt bad if you had and I didn't. It was just nice being somewhere on Christmas and not here with only the dog.

I think there is a human garbage disposal in every family. Doug was mine. Not much goes to waste that way.

SamG said...

I told Mom, but I wanted to tell you too. The outfit you made her was wonderful.


Anna May said...

Thanks, Sam. How thoughtful of you. Is there any chance you have a picture or two of her in it? I took my camera to do just that, but I must have been having senior moments all night. Send to my email address if you do. Thanks.