Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Someone's reading my blog!

After I started this blog, I wondered to myself if anyone would ever read it. Yesterday I decided to see if I had any comments. And, yes, I did have some comments!!! How exciting. Why, Sarah even put a link to my blog on her blog. How nice that someone thinks that much of me to do that. Thanks, Sarah.

Then there were the comments. Sam doesn't like needles. Well, Sam, it must run in the family. I've never liked needles, either. But, they say, that when it's done right, you don't feel those needles in acupuncture. So, my guess is, you went to the wrong acupuncturest. (Did I spell that right?) However, my foot is much better just with the Chiropractic adjustments. We will see, maybe I won't need the punctures.

Today I go to my freebee job. In fact, they are so far behing, I am going to go two days this week. One of the office girls sister died suddenly Sunday evening. So they are short handed and the extra help would be a great advantage to them. Not that I am that good, but they have to do her job as well as their own.

Oh, Sarah, I haven't figured out how to put links on my blog. Can you explain to me just how to do that? Or, is one of those things that is right there in front of my nose and I just can't see. That is not an uncommon thing with me, you know.

Thanks to all of you who are reading my blog. It's nice to know there is someone with enough interest in what I do to read about me. Again, thanks everyone!

Off to work. Bye!


Sarah said...

Ok, I'll try my best to explain this . . . if you want to put a link on your side bar, (like a link to someone elses blog), click on "custamize" (upper right). Then make sure you are set to custamize your template. There will be a place that says something like "add a link" click that, then type in the link and give it a name.

If you want to add a link with in your post, highlight the word and click the little oval looking button on the tool bar. Then type the address in the box that pops up.

Hope that helps!

Anna May said...

Thanks, Sarah. I've tried it. Just need to wait and see if it shows up.