Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An Awful Day!

I've had a bad day. A nasty headache. It was coming on last night and hasn't let up. It got a little better awhile ago, but seems to be on it's way back. I'm exhausted, and I haven't done anything. I was to go to knit-night at Barns & Nobles. Don't think I'm going to make it.

I found out why I didn't hear from Gene and Lori on Sunday. They thought the fourth was on Monday. They are going to take me out to eat on Thursday. I forgot to mention that my friends Mike and Pam gave me a gift certificate to Interior Objects. How nice.

I found out who the unknown phone # belongs to. I looked it up on two different websites and it said that they didn't find any matches. Someone I know, who knows how to find things out, discovered it belongs to the Indiana State Police league. Now I'm sorry I've erased the "message" they left. It was a shrieking-pulsing sound. Not a nice thing for a Police League to do. Too bad they are exempt from the no-call list.

I'll be glad when we get some rain. I need to do some things outside, but the ground is too hard. The dandelions have gone wild in my yard. Need to spray. Yuk!!!!

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